Link Building Campaign Fail? 8 Things Why

Link Building Campaign Fail? 8 Things Why

Link building is an essential factor in search engine optimization (SEO) but there are some points why link building campaigns fail.

Link Building Campaign Fail? 8 Things Why

This post will focus on the following topics.

There is a long line of reasons why many companies and businesses nowadays are failing to reach their goals on their link building campaigns and somehow ask themselves. 

What can I have done wrong? 
What seems to be the problem? 

Sometimes small mistakes can lead to total failure and making the correct move with link building methods could eventually help you reach that bright shining star. 

Link building must be executed perfectly, there should be no miscues, especially for companies who want to stay in the competition. 

You might ask, who does link building perfectly? Who's behind the success of big businesses? 

Well, to those who are familiar with SEO, and to those who already hired virtual personal assistants who do link building, they might be smiling as they read through this article. 

There are personal assistant methods that people can follow when doing a link building campaign for a business, and we can discuss that as we go along.

But first, what are virtual personal assistants?

These are the people who invisibly works extensively on tasks that they are assigned. 

These are awesome individuals that perform tasks without being physically present in an enclosed office space and can work remotely without the need of an office desk. 

For those who are not yet familiar with virtual assistants, you are missing a lot for your business growth. 

These people are all over the internet now, and they can accomplish tasks better than a regular office secretary. 

You can actually find them on job postings on the internet and surely on virtual assistant website companies that can give you a dedicated personal assistant for multiple tasks, giving you extra time to do other things and at the same time helping your business reach goals.


Let's get back to the personal assistant methods of which many virtual assistants who do link building campaigns. 

There are some points they share on why link building campaigns fail, here they are.

  • Anchor Text - Anchor texts are important and should always be paid attention to, DO NOT over-optimize anchors for guest posts. They say that you should almost never directly link to your homepage. There are virtually two main goals for the purpose of a link, one is a link to a landing page for traffic generation, and of course, a blog post for reading purposes of a user.
  • You are linking to non-powerful websites - Always try to link on high Domain and Trust Authority sites. It is always good to have a balance of backlinks by linking to many sites, but with low DA sites, the progress is very slow. Examples of high DA sites are Facebook, Wikipedia, and which can be a big factor for businesses who are just starting out.
  • You are being penalized by Google - Unnatural flow of backlinks, spamming, leaving tons of backlinks all at one time to low DA sites. Aggressive linking will cause Google's algorithm to take you to a sandbox which is a place where websites are thrown due to non-compliance of Google's laws.
  • Too much keyword density in content - Keyword stuffing is one of the worst things you could do when creating content. Too many keywords may cause Google's eyebrow to suddenly rise, noticing that you are too aggressive on using certain keywords. This practice is certainly condemned which leads you to a search penalty and at the same time can decrease the chances of ranking higher.
  • Wrong Niche - Choosing keywords are very important in link building. Always make sure that your chosen keywords match the viewers, readers, buyers, and the audience in the market. Imagine having a link on a "pet website" while your niche is about cars or automobiles, makes sense right?
  • Spammy or unnatural flow of backlinks - These will cause your website to be rank lower, and unnatural flow of backlinks will eventually tell Google that your website does not have good quality and poor content to get links on its own, and you might want to have in mind that Google Penguin can penalize your website and deeply affect your website traffic.
  • Wrong keywords - Keyword research in SEO might seem to be a simple task, but think twice, there are people who use the wrong keywords for a certain phrase inside a written content without noticing them. Keywords should always target the correct audience, for instance, "shop for birds" and "bird shop", of which are different subjects, get it? You should realize that people might be looking for that term, but are landing with the wrong people.
  • Not enough time has passed/ Maturity - SEO and link building is not a one-night success, you need to wait awhile for it to mature and have results. They are like flower seeds in your garden, you need to take care of them, water them every day and let the sunlight shine on them, and eventually bloom to very beautiful flowers and full of colors. However, too much water and too much sun would eventually wither them down and die.

These are just some of the reasons why most of the link building campaigns nowadays are failing. 

Link builders should be mindful of the way they execute their methods on reaching goals. 

Virtual personal assistants are well-experienced enough to know the correct procedures of link building and to sharing personal assistant methods to perfect link building makes businesses and companies be more profitable and stronger as they muscle through competition in the market and in the industry they belong. 

More and more businesses around the world are acquiring the services of virtual assistants because of their knowledge and experience when it comes to different types of tasks. 

Virtual personal assistants are more than qualified to do business and corporate tasks, they are widely known to be reliable assistants for multiple tasks, name it, they can do it.


All points mentioned above are some common mistakes link building campaign people do, but once they understand how it works, they will surely be thankful that there are methods like these that help sort out problems in the SEO world. 

It may take some practice for other individuals, but in a short time, they will be able to master the methods of link building, the pros, and cons, the ins and outs, what should be done and what should not. 

A bit of research on the internet can be very helpful as well as reading articles that can change the course of business straight to the top.

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Link Building Campaign Fail? 8 Things Why
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