3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility

3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility

3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility On Google , blogging is powerful techniques to improve Rank & increase search query.

3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility

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Search Engine Optimization is deemed to be the pinnacle of visibility of a website on Google. Not just Google though, all the search engines. The relevance of the online presence of a business is one of the most primal need. They wish to assist their prospects online as the tendency of searching on the web has miraculously increased.

One of the healthier perspectives of SEO is contributed by blogging. These days people don’t fall for “Hard Sell” at all. Over the internet, they prefer to go for content that is informative and value-based. This has shifted Google as well. With the revolutionary RankBrain algorithm, they started a new era of the user-oriented ranking factor.

With this concept, Google forced the hands of the digital marketers to share valuable content with the users. Content with the informative nature tends to share value with the users. When a visitor stays on a website for long to read the content, Google always prefers that. They will rank your website higher next time as the visitor tend to stick to your content.

So, what are the things you must do? First, create a blog section and start blogging. It will help you to have a quality communication with your audience and believe me, that will help you share value with your viewers. Google will reward your website for that and your rankings will elevate.

Let’s have a look which three benefits you can get from blogging. The list, however, is never-ending, but we restrict it to only 3 top benefits.

You Will Love The Amount Of Internal Linking Opportunities

    When we work on a website’s off page, we emphasize much on the external linking of the website. Will that improve the ranking? Yes, it does, but there is more to that!!!

    What’s more??

    External links are not enough for enhancing the SEO rankings fully. You need more. This is where blogs play an important role. They provide your website with the opportunities of Internal linking which deeply affect your Google rankings. And the best part is, they affect it positively.

    These internal links will give Google a comprehensive idea of what you do and why you do it. Once Google understands that, they tend to bend the rankings towards you. It is like a road map of your website for Google. Also, internal linking is not just focused and improve your SEO rankings, they tend to serve your user with a guide that will be helpful for them. Who doesn’t love better user experience!!!

      I have seen many of the people spreading the hoax, “Link Building is dead”. Well, my dear readers, it is not. It is a myth, I seriously don’t know why people are spreading. 

      Link building is still an integral part of a website SEO process. They increase the credibility of your content. So, when you publish a long form of content, you tend to left breadcrumbs along to spread the credibility. Higher the quality of the backlink, higher will be your SEO rankings.

      Also, when you publish a blog, people tend to share it on social media. A social media platform always helps your website to gain reachability and Google also rank them higher when people share them. 

      Creating a blog for your website will open your website for such golden opportunity. Create a blog and build an audience. This will improve the SEO Ranking of your website.

      Fresh Content Will Lead Google To Index More

        Another benefit of blogging is the availability of fresh content for Google to index. The more Google index your website you will have more chances to excel in Google rankings. 

        Of course, The quality of your content will matter the most here. As per Google’s Rankbrain algorithm, a quality content is a plus for user engagement. When your website has higher user engagement, the rankings experience a visible surge.

        Many of the content marketers believe that having content with more than 2,000 words will surge your rankings. 

        Many of the researchers and facts actually support this theory which is why I am mentioning it. Keep the quality up to the mark and make sure to provide in-depth articles for your audience. This will visibly increase your Google rankings.

        Conclusive Remarks

        So, these are the major benefits that you will be missing if you didn’t include blogging on your website. Blogging, however, is not just about increasing your SEO rankings. The first thing that you should consider is that you created your website for your users, not Google.

        Catering the things that are required by your user is always appreciated by Google. Cater information and better UX to your user and gain SEO rankings for your business websites which in return will enhance your website’s reach.

        Did you find this helpful?

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        3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility
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