Must Read Quality VS Quantity Content Marketing

Must Read Quality VS Quantity Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Must Read Quality VS Quantity Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Marketers are still discovering new ways and methods to promote the content to get desired results. However, there has been a debate among the marketers on how to utilize the material.

There is a tug-of-war going on between the digital marketers to decide either choose quality content or ask writers to produce content in quantity. Marketers who track the conversions and engagements know that content marketing is all about balancing the quality and quantity.

This balancing act is essential when it comes to content marketing because it is one of the results-driven methods of digital marketing. Through content marketing, you can get more sales leads, more engagement from the audience and more traffic too for your website.

Statistically, things are quite clear. According to reports, in 2017 the marketers have uploaded 70% more content on the internet as compared to the material got published in 2016. 

Moreover, the internet is witnessing a decrease in the same content publications which means every website now is trying to upload or post the new content on their site. This trend is another reason why we are witnessing a drastic increase in the quantity of the content this year. 

However, quality content is still an imperative, especially when the publisher is also of that standard.

To put an end to this discussion and debate, following are the points on quality and quantity content which will make the things clear to you and helps you in deciding either go for the quantity or the quality.

Quality is forever

The Internet is all about content in the form of news, social media posts, articles, and blogs. Content that gets published, consumed to a greater or lesser extent and rejected at a rate which doesn’t have any other example in the human history.

Content written that can be scanned and with the relevant keyword is always essential in the digital scenario. The human is more inclined towards reading short lines instead of reading a cluttered paragraph which could hurt your eyes. For this, the marketers have to think like the product managers

When you start churning out content in quantity, you create nothing but noise. However, as a content marketer, your motive should be the only voice in the sound that can attract the masses towards it. For this, you need one excellent content with the authoritative qualities and uniqueness that educate the reader something new. 

Only then it can build some interest and influence on the readers or target audience to make a move and drive a result for you.

Having a voice which can be heard in the roar is always in the advantage of the marketer. Technically, it reduces all the efforts or money expended on the content marketing by the marketers. 

Quality content will always find its way to become viral. If your content is catchy and attractive, the audience will itself promote it which is best from the marketing point of view.

Quantity spreads the word

The problem with the quality content is that it is hard to understand and tough to spread. Writing quality content in bulk is not an easy job. 

However, it is the need of every new and veteran company in the industry not only for engaging the audience but from the SEO point of view too. Content marketing is all about the substantial quantity of content to cover all the aspects of a company.

To get your site ranked in the top positions of Google’s SERP (search engine ranking page), you need to build some backlinks. Through this, you connect different websites to yours, which is a general practice in SEO. 

Every site needs to create not hundreds but thousands of backlinks that connects numerous webpages with theirs that helps the Google or any other search engine crawler to crawl your website again and again. This practice cannot be achieved while trying to write quality content, because it still would be getting you one link per content. 

You are going to need numerous guest posts, blogging and different types of content to get links on the blogging and educational websites. By choosing the quantity, you can get more links to the price of one which you would be getting while going for quality content. 

That is why it is always recommended by the professional marketers to get content in quantity so it could help you in spreading the word about your business among masses. 

However, if you want to connect those websites with your site which are much better in quality and its ranking on search engine result pages or domain authority is on the higher side, then you are going to make some compromise on the quantity.

How to balance?

Quality and quantity have numerous benefits and shares some negative points too. That is why it is always recommended using both types of contents and create a balance between in them which from every aspect saves you from different sides.

When you need to create high-quality content, you are also going to need more cash or budget to invest in the quality writers. Despite knowing the fact that quality content is compulsory to get it published on the quality and foremost websites, companies still take measures to cut down the cost and time too. 

However, this can be dealt with the proper content marketing plan.

Dividing the content as per the requirement of the publishing page is an excellent way of balancing. For example, when a marketer needs to create any White paper or e-book then compromising on the content quality could be perilous for the company. 

Same as when a company has to tweet or create a Facebook post, then hiring a professional writer for this job is a waste of time and efforts. You only have to be smart in utilizing your content and rationing of content can help you in balancing the efforts of the writers.

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Must Read Quality VS Quantity Content Marketing
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