10 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

10 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

Some tips and tricks on how to get more website traffic free (and nor free)

10 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

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Why Do We Need to Attract More Website Traffic?

What’s the biggest goal you have about your site? You started it with an intention to drive a great deal of audience there. Whenever you write content, share links, or decide to advertise, you have the same aim to mind: to increase website traffic.

Why is this so crucial? Can’t you just do your thing and let the visitors come in? Do you have to impose yourself on them?

Well, marketing was never meant to be humble. Regardless of the type of website you maintain, you need visitors there. There’s no need to explain this: your return on investment depends on the number of visitors you turn into paying users, or the volume of ad space you sell. Either way, you should be wondering how to drive traffic to your website.

website traffic

Bad news: there are many things to do.

Good news: there are many things to do.

Yes; you’ll have to invest some effort into this process. However, you have many options and you’ll eventually see great results.

5 Free Ways to Get More Website Traffic

Let’s start with the options to drive free website traffic. These are things you can start trying in no time since you don’t have to adjust your budget for them.

  1. Guest Posting

This method is not dead just yet. Google still appreciates high-quality backlinks, and this is how you get them.

If you take a look at Elephant Journal, you’ll notice that it features content by influencers with tons of experience. They take their time to write high-quality posts for this resource, and they get more traffic in return

High Quality Post

Screenshot 1. Source

You should know that the standards for guest posting are getting higher by the day. You have to deliver something great, so implement the same strategies you use when writing content for your own site:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • High-quality writing
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Absolute uniqueness
  • Long-form posts

The more important question is: how do you connect with popular bloggers and websites that would feature your content?

  • Identify the websites that suit your message. You’re looking for a niche that can fit your brand without looking like it’s an ad.
  • Check their guest posting guidelines. If the website requires a pitch with a few topics, do it. If it requires a complete article, write your post first. Make sure to follow the instructions, though. If you introduce links to your website in the content, they have to provide value for the reader.
  • Send the article along with a message. Be polite, brief, and on-point. 
  • Once you make a connection with different bloggers, you can offer more posts for their sites. Use Sitechecker to check website traffic sources. Is there a particular blog that’s sending you more traffic? That’s your long-term collaborator, right there.
2. Free Products

Free content is a lead magnet that will boost your traffic on a continuous basis.

free podcasts
Screenshot 2 Source

As an example of free content that drives traffic, check out the podcasts on Ten Percent Happier. It’s a paid subscription service, but the podcasts are offered for free. When the target lead starts listening, they are inspired to check out the same website again for a new episode. Eventually, they will convert. 

 Here are a few ideas on the types of free products you can create:

  • An eBook
  • A special blog post that delivers more value than usual
  • A plan with life-improvement steps that involve your product or service.
  • A weekly podcast that features interviews, motivational talks, and educational tips for your target audience.
  • Long-form, ultimate guides that you’ll send via email.

3. Landing Pages

Here comes the biggest, but truest clichés of all: content is king. Yup; I’ve said it.

You must develop great content for your landing pages, so the visitors will stay once they get there.

  • Find out what problems your target audience has. That’s your hook.
  • Offer solutions! Without value, your landing pages are doomed. The headline may drive traffic, but the bounce rates will make it useless. You want effective traffic, so give practical solutions to your readers.
  • Be funny when appropriate, and engage the reader with valuable points all the way.
4. Building Backlinks

Guest posting is not the only way to build backlinks, although it’s the most commonly used one. There are a few other free strategies you can try:

  • Create shareable infographics and pinnable content
  • Establish relationships within your industry, so writers will start linking to your site without any request on your part
  • Interview an authority from your industry, so bloggers will quote their answers
  • Most of all, create content that’s better than any competitive publication. When bloggers are looking for information sources to link to, you want them to choose your pages.
5. Interviews with Leaders in Your Industry

You want to engage influencers in your marketing campaign, but you don’t want to pay them a lot of money?

Here’s a trick: you can interview them.

Both sides benefit from such an agreement. You get great content that will drive traffic, and the influencer gets exposure. They will share the link on their social media pages. That’s a great way to attract their audience.

However, you have to make your platform attractive for an interview first. Leaders are busy people. They won’t give you an interview just because you asked.

  • You can ask for an interview after you’ve built your site’s reputation.
  • Be patient. Industry leaders don’t have a lot of time. You’ll have to talk to someone from their team, who can schedule an interview for you.
  • If you don’t get a response to your message, write a follow-up email. However, you have to be polite. This is just a reminder that you made an offer, and you’re hoping to receive an answer. If you get ignored, don’t try for a third time.
  • When you get to an interview, it needs a focus. Don’t ask the usual questions that this person has answered many times before. Be unique!

5 Paid Ways to Get More Website Traffic

The best things in life aren’t free. All those free strategies work wonders in the long term. But if you want to quickly boost website traffic, you should be ready to make an investment.

Fortunately, paid marketing is not as expensive as it used to be. When trying to get more people at your website, you don’t have to invest in billboards, TV ads, and professionally produced video ads. With small investments, you can achieve great results. We have the era of the Internet to thank for that.

  1. Get Facebook Ads Going

    Together, Google and Facebook bring in one-fifth of the ad revenue on a global level. Facebook ads are awesome because people don’t have to search for relevant keywords to see them. This platform is great at targeting users with interests related to your business. It will show them a cool ad, which will get them to your products or services.

    The platform is pretty intuitive. You can set up an ad in a matter of minutes. But if you want to make it truly effective, follow these simple tips:

    • Target a custom audience. You can add customers from your own files. If you have lists from email contacts or past customers, Facebook can target them. It will do something better: it will match the entire targeted audience with the interests of those people.
    • Target people who recently interacted with your brand. If someone took an action at your website or watched several videos on your Facebook page, you can target them with ads. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience according to engagement. You can set this parameter to people who watched at least 3 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95% of your video.

    Use the opportunity to customize the target audience as much as possible. That’s how you’ll get the platform to show the ad to the right people. You’ll boost the ROI, since you’re delivering the message to leads, who are ready to convert.

    2. Engage Influencers

      These are social media users with thousands of followers. Their audience watches them every day through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. They will charge per post, depending on their policies. The more popular an influencer is, the more expensive the collaboration will be.

      social media

      However, popularity will also bring you more visitors. When followers see their role models using a particular product or service, they are more willing to try it. 

      • You want to team up with someone who has a massive following of thousands or even millions. Since they do social media for a living, you’ll need to offer financial compensation for the promotion.
      • So-called micro-influencers are effective, too. These are the rising stars within the community. They achieved a few thousands of followers, and they seem more believable than the most popular influencers.
      • Make sure to work with influencers with interests relevant to the message of your brand. If you’re trying to sell makeup, you won’t work with a tech reviewer. You’ll collaborate with a beauty or lifestyle blogger.  
      • Don’t forget: they have to share links to your website. After all, boosting the traffic rates is what you’re after. 
      3. Host a Giveaway Contest

      This will require you to make a package of your best products or offer some of your services for free. It’s still an investment, but it’s not that expensive.

      • If you want to build leverage for your contest, you can team up with an Instagram influencer, who will promote it. This type of collaboration usually works with micro-influencers. However, the big names in the industry may also promote your brand if the products are good enough. Surprise them!
      • If your prize is attractive enough and you don’t require a lot for participation, people will be interested! Don’t require the participants to complete a big challenge just to enter the contest. If you ask them to film videos, it might be too much. But asking for a simple comment or a photo tagged with the hashtag of the contest is okay.
      • Make sure to get them at your site! You can promote the contest via social media, but ask them to complete a participation form at the site. That’s where you’ll get their attention with an awesome offer.
      4. Invest in a PPC Campaign

      The pay-per-click marketing method still works. Google will feature your ads at relevant websites, and you’ll be charged a minimal amount when people click on them. This is a cost-effective strategy, since you only pay for actual visitors.

      Setting up a PPC campaign is easy, but you have to be mindful of the details. 

      • Google allows you to choose a bid strategy. You can opt for a conversion-based, impression-based, views or interaction-based, or click-based strategies. If you’re trying to boost the traffic at your site, you might prefer click-based strategies. To maximize clicks on your ads, you’ll set a daily budget that will manage your bids to bring you more traffic.
      • Set up a proper schedule. It’s okay to start with a 24/7 schedule, but you can scale back after that. Analyze when you get the most visitors to your website, and set up the PPC campaign to show your ads within that timeframe.
      5. Reach Out to Affiliates

      Would any blogger, YouTuber, or influencer from your niche be interested in promoting affiliate links to your products? They will earn a small commission on each sale, and you’ll get their audience. It’s a win-win situation!

      • Only offer affiliate links to bloggers and influencers with decent authority. You don’t want your brand to be associated with controversial persons, who would do more harm than good by mentioning your products.
      • Offer coupons and promotions, so the affiliates will attract more of their audience. Many influencers would like to include affiliate links, but won’t do it if you don’t provide a special discount code for their followers. That’s because if there’s no special offer, people will go directly to your website without following their link.
      • Boost this strategy by combining it with other methods. Offer free packages to those influencers, so they will review the products when offering the affiliate link. You can also provide prizes for their contests. You need to motivate them. If the influencers like your brand, they are more likely to push that affiliate link higher on their list of recommended products. 

      This method brings us to the essence of digital marketing: connections are essential.

      Do You Want More Traffic?

      Who doesn’t?

      You’ll boost the visitor numbers at your website through different free and paid methods. Your marketing strategy should combine several of those techniques, which will work in synergy to give you the result in the long term. Paid methods will bring faster results, but you still need those free strategies based on delivering high-quality content.

      You have a lot of work to do, so it’s time to start!

      Did you find this helpful?

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      10 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic
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