Importance of guest posts to brand awareness in marketing

Importance of guest posts to brand awareness in marketing

This article focuses on the key role of guest posts to SEO performance and to brand awareness in marketing in 2019.

Importance of guest posts to brand awareness in marketing

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One of the best strategies for improving your brand awareness can come with the process of spreading your message online. 

A popular tactic that many brands utilize for spreading their brand message includes the process of free article submissions in directories.

Guest posts and directories are often essential for a new business to start building a following. 

By writing a highly engaging piece of content for your brand and then sharing it online, you could work at attracting a very large audience and start the process of gathering new viewers for your page.

Guest posts essentially create free back links with keywords for your brand and links right back to your brand. 

The process for submission is quite easy and you can build quality content that is formatted for conversions. 

By submitting to a directory your content can go on to multiple sites worldwide and then begin attracting visitors across your niche.

The sign up process

Guest posts don't require an extensive amount of experience to produce either. You can sign up for a new account and build a bio for your page. 

By writing your post and then submitting it for approval you can have access to a free guest post slot on a directory that's widely viewed by your target market. 

Typically, the post will take one to two days to get reviewed and then you can have it up online for a public audience to view.

Why should you use guest posts?

There are some definite reasons why marketers continue to use directories and guest posts to draw an audience to their page. 

Guest posts are used by small businesses and large businesses to improve their web presence and to share information on their brand. 

Guest posts can often be extremely informative and valuable for people viewing a page. 

Here are some top reasons why you should be using guest post for promoting your web presence:

It improves your search engine ranking

Having more content online and on higher authority sites like a directory can improve your search engine ranking. 

If you are going to appear on the front page of Google for specific niche keywords, you will need to produce content that indexed with these niche keywords. 

It can take time to index your page and without having access to a steady stream of content, you will not be able to gather the traffic from search engines that you deserve.

Improving trust

By regularly publishing articles on your expertise in a particular subject, your brand can become trusted as an expert in that subject.

If you are brand isn't deemed as credible in your industry, it's not going to earn money. 

Producing valuable content can make sure that you can showcase your qualifications and help your customers along the way.

Improves content writing on every platform

It's difficult to share a long form article over social media but the skills that you build in producing content for directories and article submission sites can make you a better writer for the other platforms you are marketing on. 

Being able to understand how to succeed and how to write your audience means practicing. 

Using article submission sites and directories can be a great way to improve your ranking while becoming a better writer for the rest of your platform.

It creates highly shareable content

The content that you post in directories or on article submission sites can be highly shareable. 

By including a web link to social media sites you can make sure that your content has the potential to go viral. 

As your valuable content is organically shared through a variety of social media sites you'll continue to build links and notoriety as well as accumulate new visitors. 

The sharing function of this content will act as inexpensive marketing for your page.

Establishing community

The content that you post on article submission sites can also come with comments fields. 

By opening up a conversation with your readers you can work at creating an active community and directly answer the inquiries of people that read your content. 

This can lead to some very valuable customer interactions and the chance that you could have a loyal customer that can convert to a sale.

It has excellent ROI

One quality article could be all it takes to launch your business into new heights. 

Paying a guest blogger to produce a high converting article or spending some time writing a quality article that will benefit your readers could lead you to a massive boost in traffic and sales. 

Any content that you are writing and submitting online will offer a return on investment for the time that you put into it.

Establishing your brand voice

Creating content for an online audience is an excellent way to establish your brand voice. 

Your customers can get to know you and your brand voice better as you continue to produce content. 

This can be an excellent way to tap into your target market and share your thoughts on the future of your brand as well.

Opportunity for other guest posters

When you have a portfolio of guest posts available on submission sites and directories you could work at receiving the opportunity to guest post on other blogs in your niche. 

This could help you find opportunities to connect with new customers or have other people guest post on your own page. 

Having guest post opportunities is an excellent way that you can collaborate with another business and take advantage of their built backlinks online too.

Ever expanding brand awareness

If you really need to establish yourself in your industry, any effort that you make to produce better quality content and more frequent content, will lead to an expansion of awareness for your brand. 

Guest posts mean a potential line of communication with new customers.

If you are interested in getting started with guest posting and blogging, get started today. 

Produce consistent content and add new value to your page

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Importance of guest posts to brand awareness in marketing
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