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Unlimited free posts and articles

The sky is your limit. We will not limit the number of blog posts or articles you will write for us. Write as many drafts as you can for free with our advanced and modern content writing tools.

Fast response

We have a dedicated team waiting for nothing but your content drafts to review and publish online. If your post is rejected, do not worry, we will send you the exact reason behind rejecting your post so that you can fix it and publish again for review.

Unlimited reviews

Our team will review your post without limits. If your post is rejected, we will send you the reason so you can fix it. Even if you are not able to fix we will do it for you and connect with you in person to keep you updated with the fixes.

Unlimited do-follow links

As long as your content follows the writing guidlines and it doesn't look spammy, we will not limit the number of either do-follow or no-follow backlinks in your post. We know the importance of backlinks in SEO, that's why we tend to keep them useful.

Free content writing and tools

We offer you free content writing tools online with SEO validations. However, if you got your content written in a document but you are not able to publish it on our site, we got you covered. We will publish the content for you for free and under your account so you appear as the author of your own content.

Unlimited Do-Follow Links
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Unlimited Free Posts
Unlimited Reviews
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How it works!

  1. The first step is having a free account on SiteReq. Add your bio if needed.
  2. The second step is writing your content as a draft and submit it for approval.
  3. The third step is reviewing your draft by our support team.
  4. The last step is publishing your content on our site.

Guidelines and Terms

Genuine Unique Content

Your content must be of your own and has never been published before on any other site online

Grammar errors and typos free

Your content must be free from any grammar errors or typos. Those are the basics of high quality content.

Follows a good structure

Your content should be at least 1000 words or more, include paragraphs must use headings like H1, H2 and/or H3 ... etc

Do not overuse links

Do not webspam your content with links to avoid rejections. For a good rate we will accept one link (either follow or no-follow) every 600 words.

Avoid cloaking

Do not hide links or text with CSS

Use images and infographics

Include images and infographics in your post. Posts with images and infographics perform better with search engines. We love Pexels. They are free, easy to use and provide images in almost every category.

Guest blogging is a free service

Guest posts are absolutely free on SiteReq and we do not pay for writing content. Our goal is to enrich the site with a lot of useful information to perfectly serve our readers.


We have the right to embed ads with in your content to our services and to other clients if needed.