How can you Invoke Google AMP in WordPress?

How can you Invoke Google AMP in WordPress?

Those times, when people just started using smartphones? It was the time when smartphones weren’t that smart, people opt majorly for desktops to browse.

How can you Invoke Google AMP in WordPress?

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Remember those times, when you people just started using smartphones? It was the time when smartphones weren’t that smart, people opt majorly for desktops to browse the internet.

The paradigm now has shifted. Now people are more inclined towards smartphones. Honestly, they are not just inclined, they are addicted to it. It results in one thing…

Most of the people use more mobile devices to search on Google. Some latest surveys show clearly that Google searches from mobile devices weigh over 50% of total searches. 

That clearly indicates that people are more comfortable with mobile devices than desktops.

So, if you are still working on desktop websites, then you might miss out most of your target audience.

Why desktop websites might miss out most of your target audience?

Well, that is because when you cater to your audience a website which will load slow (Isn’t that obvious as your desktop website have heavier graphics), they will leave your website in no time. 

Again, to back this point up, over 53% of your audience will leave your website if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

What should you do?

Google AMP might be the answer to your question.

Wait for a second!!! What is Google AMP?

It is exactly what I will address in this post. You will learn how you can leverage AMP for your website.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP was a project launched originally by Google (of course!!!) back in October 2015. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. 

The entire project relies on the open framework AMP HTML which helps you to develop light-weight web pages. 

Mark these words coming out straight from the AMP project lead at Google, David Besbris, “From day one, a key focus for AMP has been speed. 

It is arguably one of the most frustrating things about the mobile web-borne out by recent Google researches that shows that 53% of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less. That’s the worst of all worlds for users, businesses, publishers, websites and the mobile web as a whole.”

In the latest update of Google, Page load speed is an official ranking factor which makes the AMP more crucial than ever.

So, how do you use Google AMP for your website? Let’s walk you through it.

How to Use Google AMP for your Website?

The simplest way of using Google AMP is when you are using WordPress as your Content Management System. If you are using it, then have a look at the following section.

Invoke AMP for Your WordPress Website

Simply use a WordPress plugin to invoke AMP for your WordPress website. The most popular plugin among them is AMP powered by Automatic. 

It is an easy way to imply AMP on your WordPress website. Simply install and activate the plugin from WordPress repository and you are good to go.

Validating Schema Markup

Go to the plugin and then click on the editor there and then select AMP. To modify the plugin enter these codes in place of the existing codes:


Make sure that you mention that where the location of your logo and mention the width and height accordingly.

Integrate with the Google Analytics & you are good to go!!!

In order to integrate it with the Google Analytics make sure to copy and paste these codes in Plugins -> Editor -> select “AMP” option of your Google Analytics dashboard.


That all you need to do when you are working with WordPress. There are many other implications which we will discuss next time. Till then, have a great day ahead of you. Adios!!!

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How can you Invoke Google AMP in WordPress?
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