4 Easy Steps to Improve your Business's Digital Security

Your business deserves to be secure online. If it isn’t, it immediately becomes a risk. Learn the 4 easy steps to improve your business's security.

4 Easy Steps to Improve your Business's Digital Security

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Your business deserves to be secure online. Of course, if it isn’t, it immediately becomes a risk. Cybercriminals frequently target small businesses simply because they are such easy pickings. 

You don’t want to be an easy target. You are already a small target as a medium or small business, so make yourself even more secure with these four easy steps:

Set-Up All Security Features

Your computer will have a variety of security features. Your website will have security features. Every app you use will have security features. 

Set up all security features

They can do so much to help protect your business, but only if you go through all the settings and make sure you understand them and have optimized them.

You should also be aware of the risks that come from these same programs. 

If you use a program that hasn’t been updated in years, then it is actually vulnerable. Only use programs and apps that are currently supported, and make sure they stay updated to benefit from the latest security update. 

If you have unused programs, remove them completely from your system.

Enforce Unique Logins for All Your Staff

Human error is one of the most common causes of a breach. Training your staff to notice spam emails is a great first step, but know that their personal presence online can also be a threat to you if they use the same login details. 

Enforce Unique Logins for All Your Staff

To avoid this, enforce unique, complex passwords for every login page. This way, if one password is stolen, the damage is mitigated.

Hire Managed IT Services

Every business ideally needs not just one, not just two, but a whole team of IT experts. Every business, even the few left who do not sell online, will benefit massively from a team of IT experts on their side. 

Those without digital protection are often big targets for hackers, are often inefficient, and are not operating as well as they should.

Hire Managed IT Services

There is one big hiccup to managing an IT team, and that is cost. 

Most companies cannot afford a dedicated team, and if they do expand their team to include an IT expert, they often try to find one person to do it all without paying that person what they are worth.

The better option is to instead outsource and find a managed IT service that offers you the right combination of IT services, technology support, and business services, all at a fixed monthly rate.

Back-Up Essentials

There are so many reasons to back up your business. Today, you can even do this through the cloud. The cloud is a great option, as you benefit from a combined digital security approach and the benefits offered by making your data redundant. 

Back-Up Essentials

What this means is that not only will it be backed up on a secure server, your data will also be backed up in different physical locations. 

If a freak accident, like a fire, were to destroy one server location, your data is still safe as it has been backed up elsewhere as well.

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