Why Should You Use iOS to Create Your First Mobile App?

Why Should You Use iOS to Create Your First Mobile App?

In this article, We have given our brief thoughts and analysis on why Mobile Applications for iOS platforms can be profitable.

Why Should You Use iOS to Create Your First Mobile App?

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"Computers, as well as yet-to-be-developed software, will alter the way we learn." - Steve jobs on the application development.

Anyway, there you are, trying to organize and thinking about building Custom Mobile App Development. But you’re already facing a critical concern that is the key to the entire operation. 

You wonder whether you should develop Mobile Apps for iOS or Google’s Android. They are both excellent choices because they are ruling over 90% of the total market share.

Now, we know what you’re imagining–this battle is pretty old and irrelevant. Yet, they do not figure it out. The ultimate decision for creating an app for yourself in your company needs explanation and comparison. 

And since our priorities among platforms are clear, we’d love to start with a good Android vs. iOS development report to show you why Mobile Apps for iOS is the most reasonable choice.

Benefits of Having iOS Application Development

IOS App Development

Now that we have covered the market analysis, we can finally meet the technical portion of the project. If you have searched Custom Mobile App Development, you might have already read that developing Mobile Apps for iOS is considered a little smoother than Android. 

It is necessary because most programmers find Apple to have better and faster tools. Also, with a much more user-friendly UI. But let us have a closer view of the pros and cons of iOS app development.

The development environment from Apple sounds to make app development very welcoming to everyone. Coding by Xcode can be only a comfortable experience. It is quick, robust, features a good workspace to hold you focused, and provides helpful information as you type. 

Android’s Eclipse is quite the opposite of Xcode. The work there is confusing, dull, and seems to produce more trouble than help.

Talking about programming languages, we would like to concentrate on Java for Android and Swift for Apple. The latter is still fresh and bare, but already fascinating to us. 

You are already aware of Java, so there is no need to define its pros and cons. Anyway, we are putting our vote to Swift since the language has such tremendous potential.

Last but not least, pay attention to the number and types of devices. Unlike Android, iOS has no plan of expanding the number of devices it has at the moment. Such a bar is positive for developers since you only have to deal with a handful of devices.

Building one app that works well beyond many devices is a serious advantage.

Creating an app for Android, you have to compromise with the immense amount of devices, which can be time and costly. Of course, this involves more if you are an individual developer, not a big firm that can hire complete programmers to deal with a project like that.

Custom Mobile App Development Comparison

IOS Comparison

First thing’s first, start with a closer review of the market you are about to enter. You need to understand which platform is best for your application, or which platform pays the dues? And your answers should be definite IOS because it fulfills all the requirements for your application.

If you plan to create a paid app or make sales through your app, IOS is your solution. Their pros and cons list will always favor iOS. And here is how?: Even everyone knows android is the biggest market shareholder and is about 80%. Here are your facts that go wrong!

Android doesn't quite make 80% of applications, but Apple does! Even more than that.

Apple completely rules the profit share in the application department. According to Statista, iOS rules over 85% of revenue for app developers, compared to anyone. The new statistics reports show that Apple clients spend approximately five times more than other platform users.

Market Analysis for IOS


IOS Market Loyalty

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." - Walt Disney

iPhone buyers are usually happier with their operating system, whereas more than half of Android users (48%) are never pleased with their OS presentation. Apple has a massive 62% happy and satisfied mobile users. They are far more loyal and engaged than others and turn them into less prone to switching to other platforms.


IOS Demography

"We've never worried about numbers. In the marketplace, Apple is trying to focus the spotlight on products, because products make a difference." - Steve jobs.

Android may have a larger market, but this can produce things harder for developers. Its users are more challenging to predict since it has a broader range of costs for its features, and they extended its fame over the entire map. They typically find iOS users in the US or Europe.


IOS app for Business

Apple has absolutely dominated business in these years. Look at the world, enter any business meeting at companies, and you will see a group of people having the same brand of phone, tablet, or laptop–all of them will have an Apple logo on them. Why? 

There are two justifications for this. First, iOS has more applications designed for businesses, and they treated their devices as more secure and choice. And second, it’s a matter of dignity and utility among users of a particular class.


IOS Model

An apple user can pay for his application, and it is very common for them. Also, they have less application in stocks, which makes them invest more than others.

Second, they have the factors to spend more. Their loyalty to the product causes them to pay for the updated and latest models. And it would not persuade the person who has already spent cash on their iPhone to spend a slight extra on an application or game.

The Apple App Store carefully reviews the quality of all apps. Buyers won't have to worry too much if the app they are using is worth their money. It is more attractive for startups to publish an app in the Apple App Store first, since it creates much more of a buzz and, eventually, leads to more success stories.

You may have already noticed that iOS applications get a lot of recognition in the mainstream press. The only disadvantage here can be the current publishing process since Apple collects a lot of checkpoints and testing to defeat.

Ideas to Start with iOS

IOS Applications

If you are still not entirely delighted with your platform selection, here is your greatest motivation for taking iOS. Look at some of the most famous mobile apps. You will see a standard feature among them all. 

They all achieved success via the Apple App Store. Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Draw Something–those are just some examples.

To sum up, we have given our thoughts on why Mobile Apps for iOS platforms can be profitable. Here are our most interesting analyses to create your application in iOS first:

  1. Monetizing
  2. Adaptability with all iOS devices.
  3. Popularity in the market.
  4. The list of successful examples.
  5. Loyalty to users.
  6. Healthy development environment.


Positively, this will be useful for those who are confused and afraid to start. These days, it’s becoming more and more common to produce new Mobile Apps for iOS first–supporting the example of famous applications like Instagram or Angry Birds. 

By accomplishing this, you can lift yourself into starting up, keep some time in the development process, and establish more monetization possibilities.

And nobody knows after a lucky start on one platform when you’ve picked up enough experience, you can’t begin developing for Android?

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Why Should You Use iOS to Create Your First Mobile App?
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