What Is the Cost of Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

What Is the Cost of Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

In this article, we will discuss the cost of the on-demand development of the mobile application for an on-demand fuel delivery

What Is the Cost of Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

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Do you want to develop an on-demand fuel delivery application? It is one of the most appealing ideas in the on-demand segment, and many players are vying for this option. Before you begin the research and discovery processes, you should ask what the cost of building the on-demand fuel delivery app is. The on-demand fuel delivery app development cost starts at $10k. 

As the features and capabilities of the application advance, the price will increase. Let’s look in detail at the cost of developing the mobile app and the factors impacting the app development cost.

A Quick Answer to the Cost of Developing a Fuel Delivery App

Cost of Developing a Fuel Delivery App

Cafu is a leading on-demand fuel delivery application. This type of application costs anywhere between $40k to $60k. The total cost of developing a fuel delivery app = total time taken to build the app * hourly developer rates Note: You will need to determine the total time taken to individual features before calculating the total time for a fuel delivery app. A breakdown of the total hours (approximately) taken to the mobile app development

App Work BreakdownTime Taken in Hours
The Design40
UX Design60
Admin Development120
Backend Development180
Third-party API Infrastructure80
Total Time560

 The approximate cost, in this case, would be = 560 *hourly rate. If we fix it at $25 per hour, the total cost would be $15k. This is the basic app development cost. 

5 Factors Impacting the Cost of On-demand Fuel Delivery App

You may not get the actual cost of development. It is possible that the actual cost might differ from the one you have approximately derived. You might not have considered all the factors or defined approaches.

cost of developing an on-demand fuel delivery app

 Here, we will take you through all the factors impacting the development of mobile apps. 

1. The Platform Choice 

This is a crucial factor in determining the cost of on-demand application development. If you plan to develop for iOS, you might incur more costs than when you develop for Android. 

 The resources needed, the overall license fee, and the development aspects cost more for iOS. So, the platform is highly important when considering the cost. 

2. Development Approach 

While we are talking about the platform, the approach plays an important role. If you are planning a native app development approach, you will notice that you need to spend more on individual platforms. 

You will incur separate costs for developing iOS and Android apps. However, considering a cross-platform approach, you need to spend less on developing the apps for multiple platforms. 

 You can develop and design the application once and use it across various platforms. This reduces the effort and, eventually, the costs. 

The extra cost that you might need to pay would be the license fee for the individual operating systems. 

3. The Features Included-App Complexity 

If you are planning a mobile app to meet fuel delivery needs, you should consider the complexity to determine the cost. 

As we discussed earlier, the cost of developing a basic application would be $10k (approximately). The development cost will increase as you add a few more features to the basic application. 

app development

For example, an application with sign-in, finder/locator, and on-demand tasks would be a basic app. however, if you add an AI algorithm that can help the users know when the next fuel filling is due. 

You are increasing the complexity if you add some maintenance aspects to the fuel delivery app or even some tracking abilities, in-app chats, and other aspects. You are increasing the developer's efforts with every new feature and functionality. 

As the efforts increase, the overall cost of development increases. 

 When you sit to work out the overall cost of development, make sure to have a list of all the features to be added to the application beforehand. 

4. The UI/UX Requirements 

If you are designing a mobile application for the end-users, you cannot gain engagement without making it simple, usable and intuitive. The user experience design should be considered before prototyping or designing the mobile application. 

 Understanding the target users, how they use mobile apps, and what makes them use the particular application can help you design the solution better. 

 This implies cost, as research will take effort, resources, and time. You might also seek a consultant's opinion to add the best features. When you add UI/UX design as a priority to your mobile app, you increase the cost relatively. 

5. Developer Rates 

As we saw earlier in this article, the total cost depends on the developer's hourly rates. If the rates are high, you might incur higher development costs. For example, the hourly rates are significantly low in countries like India and China. 

However, the developer rates are very high in countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

 If you outsource app development to India, your development cost will be low. So, the engagement model combined with the developer rates can impact your development cost. 

Must-have Features for Cafu-like On-demand Fuel Delivery App 

fuel delivery app development

A look at all the top features you should include in your CAFU-like on-demand mobile delivery application to gain more market share. 

1. In-app Payments: 

Allow the users to pay using their preferred payment methods without leaving the app. Ensure you have incorporated all the top payment methods, including wallets and cards. 

2. Tracking: 

The user should be able to track the person delivering the fuel to their place. They should know when the fuel will arrive at their location 

3. Fuel Choices: 

The user should be able to choose the fuel they want to purchase from the application. The selection of the fuel should be easy and hassle-free.

Some other features that you can add to your application: 

fuel delivery app development

1. Alert: 

Let the users know when their fuel tank is ready for refilling. Before going empty, the users will know that they need to fill their tanks 

2. Schedule the Delivery: 

The users should be given the time selection feature, where they can choose when they want to receive the fuel 

3. Profile: 

The users should be able to create a profile where they can mention the vehicle details and provide complete details that helps the app serve them better. 


An on-demand fuel delivery mobile application can help users get fuel at their doorstep. It will increase convenience, and there is a lot of demand for these apps. 

It is important to study the market, identify the gaps, and complete the discovery process to develop the ideal application for the market. You should consider partnering with a technology solution provider to ensure a smooth development and accelerated launch to gain a competitive edge.

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What Is the Cost of Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App
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