Cheap Modern Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Design Template

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Cheap Modern Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Design Template Template


If you want to build a feature-rich and responsive admin back-end for your website and you don't want to pay much then this is one of the best choices on the internet in 2017 for you. Explore the features of this professional website template with a live free demo and let us know your feedback.


  1. Responsive.
  2. Multi-Colored Light/Dark.
  3. Multiple Navigation.


  1. Pixel Admin.
  2. Demos of Pixel Admin.
  3. Pixel Admin Inverse.
  4. Pixel Admin Main.
  5. Pixel Admin - Horizontal Navigation.
  6. Pixel Admin - RTL (Right to Left)
  7. Pixel Admin Dark.
  8. Weather Widget.
  9. Weekly Schedule Widget.
  10. Charts.

and much more.

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Template Features

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