7 tools to make the job of a web developer easier
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Heather Neves

7 tools to make the job of a web developer easier

Web development is a field that has progressed to tremendous levels in the past few years. With a demand for web applications and websites the job of a web developer could never be more creative and enthusiastic. But let us be honest. While web developers require out of the box thinking, it can also be a daunting task to bring imagination to reality. Not only do you need to be updated about the trends but it can also be time-consuming. Luckily, with the development of technologies, there are various tools that make the job of a web developer a lot easier. Here are 7 essential tools a web developer must have to speed up their work especially while creating ecommerce websites.

1. Sublime text

A UI with good speed and efficiency for editing codes is a web developers dream. Sublime text is your dream come true. With python API, it supports various programming languages and markup languages. The success of sublime text is in its ability to perform simultaneous actions while editing and its quick navigation skills. You can navigate between files, symbols or even lines using sublime text. There are various plug-ins, auto-completion and other hidden tools to help code editing a lot easier for web developers.

2. Chrome developer tools

This is a complete set of instruments where web developers can edit DOM, HTML/CSS in real time, debug JavaScript in steps and even add terminals. With chrome tools, it is quite easy to understand the problems related to the performance of a site and fix it in an instant. With chrome and safari as a bundle pack, your access has no limitations. They also update every 6 weeks, maintaining the tools for better performance. They also have a timeline system that helps you understand the working of your site and help you in optimizing it.

3. Typetester

Design and font of a website or web application is the key ingredient to its success. An eye catchy design can always attract a crowd. This is why the choice of font and design is important in web development. Rather than sitting for hours and experimenting for the correct font, you can use type tester and produce instant results. They let you compare between font and types and produce you with the best results. Another cool feature of this tool is that it lets you make a font from scratch in a super easy manner.

4. Codepen

This tool that is specially made for designers not only help them in developing an attractive design but also helps in finding inspiration for designs. This tool also helps you to preview your work while working with codes. The developers can also create various code pens and code snippets that can be used for future developments. It is one of the best platforms to show off your coding skill. With codepen, you will no more have to worry about the quality and trend of your design.

5. Angular js

While the main language for coding is HTML, it has its flaws too and that is why angular js became so popular with its structural framework for web applications. Angular js helps you to extend HTML syntax and make yourself more expressive. With data binding, it also eliminates most of the code that would have to be written otherwise. Today angular js is used is most of the websites for it convenient and compatible usage mode. It is maintained by Google and they often update themselves making the application simpler to use.

6. Grunt

This is a tool preferred by many when it comes to task automation. Combined with a package of plug-ins and extensions, these help you to write the tasks according to your needs. You can even combine the tasks to create another powerful one is perhaps one of its best features. The usage of grunt is quite easy to learn too. It is mainly used to perform tasks like minification, compilation, and linting. Users are also given a number of configuration options so as to improve their task content to fit in their needs.

7. 1password

One of the problems one might face while creating web applications or developing them would be the need to remember passwords. While it’s fine when you have a few projects in hand, it gets tough when the number of projects increases. This is where 1password can help you. It is your vault of passwords. It remembers all your password and all you need is one click. They can also be used to save your software license. Another feature is that you can sync 1password with Dropbox or cloud.

There are numerous amounts of tools than the ones mentioned here to make the job of a web developer easier. You can get access to most of these tools just by searching for them on the internet. Make the best use of them to bring out your ideas and creativity to reality in a super easy way.

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