Top 20 Classroom Management Apps and Software

Top 20 Classroom Management Apps and Software

As using of technologies is very common in our every system and surrounding also it is being played a vital role in the educational system.

Top 20 Classroom Management Apps and Software

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

Maintaining decorum of class while assuring that students are keenly showing interest in learning activities is extremely crucial, to perform the role of mentor wisely.

Do you know why students easily get distracted and show less interest in learning activities of class?

The major reason that makes learning less attractive for students these days is that children nowadays are more indulge in technology that old-traditional methods of teaching don’t look appealing anymore.

According to, 56% of US college students mentioned that they use laptops in classrooms and at least they use two or more of these free software programs.

Apparently, students are always busy with assignments, quizzes and exams almost every day of the year. So, when it comes to essay writing, they really tend to buy essays online from websites, like, to save some time to handle the other pressing matters.

Being a teacher, this could be the biggest challenge for you to make the learning tactics as catchy as possible; you may have burnt the midnight oil to exploit your creativity but still couldn’t make it possible to acquire enduring results.

Just call it a day and get back to the drawing board, with high satisfaction.

Here, we are assisting teachers by enlisting some of the top yet best classroom management Apps and software that can easily smooth the twisted and turning path of teaching for mentors and learning for students.


Socrative helps in engaging students and measuring their rate of response. Through this particular teacher can easily assign a task, such as multiple-choice questions, short question/answers, etc.

Socrative even tracks and provide information about how or when the student responded to the data.

Socrative App

NetSupport School

With this software, mentors can keep an eye as an eagle on the screens of their students.

Netsupport assists in keeping the systems of students in view. Also, there are some interacting tools through which instructors even conduct a group session to share the information or deliver a lecture.

NetSupport School App

Google Classroom

Efficient systems like Google Classroom help teachers in forming an organized and accurately managed decorum of class.

Google Classroom offers multiple features like conducting quizzes, evaluating surveys, grading assignments, college essay writing etc.

Basically, the software is incorporated with Google Docs and other Google apps which involuntarily accumulate the performed activities of students

Google Classroom App


ClassDojo is one of the best and enjoyable software that makes the process of learning highly attractive.

This software not only keeps the essence of lectures on track but also support in maintaining the behavioral structure of the class.

In ClassDojo each student has its own Avatar and all are awarded points, which based on their behavior, the negative behavior will deduct the points and the positive will increase the rewards.

Parents can also track the behavior and keep the points of their children into consideration.

ClassDojo App

Stick Pick

Stick pick is an incredible system that helps in developing a better understating between an instructor and the learner.

With Stick Pick, an instructor can teach or treat their students on the basis of their intellectual level. Mentors can prepare different questions or test papers, accordingly, for each student.

Stick Pick App


MyVision works as a perfect source to keep strict control on the activities of the students, it permits and gives authority of not only to monitor the screens of the students, but also it allows teachers to lock the screen of the students in case of something unethical activity

MyVision App


Want to share innovative ideas with your students? Bubbl can be purposefully used to share the information and conducting important discussions.

With Bubbl a mentor can prepare three collaborative mind maps whereas each of them could be share and save.

Bubbl App


This platform facilitates teachers in creating and offering an interesting learning experience, as it provides the features that can turn boring lectures into interactive presentations.

Besides this, the app also facilitates other tools like collaboration tool, real-time appraisal tools, etc.


Traveling out of the country or a city? Do not worry, you can still watch your students and can interact with them.

Wiggio is a tool with which you can have virtual meetings, group interactions, document sharing, etc, doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you are.


Edmodo is one of the best software which enables teachers, parents, and students equally.

Edmodo helps instructors in satisfying parents or informing them regarding the academic performances of their children.

It works like a social media where mentors can assign a task to students and the performance can be evaluated by both; teachers and parents.

Edmodo App

Smart Seat

This app facilitates in many ways, with smart seat a teacher can select a student randomly to involve in any specific class participation, organize seating arrangement with tables on a grid, create attendance record, and can even save photos of new students along with their names to be proactive in recognizing them individually.

Smart Seat App


Mentoring simply means dealing with many learners with different intellectual level and diverse cultures.

To keep all the students on the same page, it is necessary to make the learning process easy and smooth for everyone, with duolingo you can help your students in learning or acquiring the commands on multiple languages besides of their native language.

It works as the best supporting tool when it comes to acknowledging a new language.

Duolingo App


Teaching is not about assisting students within the boundaries of the classroom only, enabling your supportive hand across the restricted boundaries is equally important.

Instructables provides approximately 100,000 techniques and methods of DIY projects, through this software you can even encourage the efforts of your students by uploading their projects on Instructables.

Instructables App


Are you an instructor in computer science? Then this software is especially for you and your students.

Hopscotch assist students in learning or understanding the essentials of computer science subject, through a different yet attractive game design the software makes it easy to develop a better understanding of coding, binary system, etc.

Hopscotch App


Motion graphics is always a workable action in learning or teaching methods.

Through educreations you can create interesting videos for the students to explain different strategies.

The educreations set out the best tools for creating lectures or explaining detailed topics.

Educreations App

Draw and Tell

This tends to be the most appropriate app which can help in boosting the creative side of the students.

All teachers need to do is to associate a particular topic with a visual and narrate the explanation in the form of a story; this can easily catch the attention of students and improve the power of their observation.

Draw and Tell App


The only responsibility is not just to deliver the lecture, checking the progress of each student through every thick and thin is also important.

The app indicates the learning capability of each student trough different colors which measure the level of ability of students and alert teachers about their learning troubles and try to make sure the ability of students to write 1000 words essay easily at any topic.

ClassAct App


This is another app which uses the game techniques to help students in memorizing their academic subjects.

On Kahoot, instructors can prepare the quiz which will appear as a mission for students and to complete that mission performer will be required answering some questions.

Who knew academic learning would turn into a fun time, in the 21st century.

Kahoot App


Organizing job role on a daily basis could be difficult for teachers, to make life convenient and easy TeacherKit provide the options for managing routine tasks, tracking grade book, and analyzing the shared information.

It is a perfect tool to keep things organized and strategically pattern.

TeacherKit App


The feedback is always a valuable source to boost the confidence of students and to motivate them.

ClassKick is purposefully designed app that helps teachers in providing the feedback to students on their performance, and it even works in diminishing the barriers to making the communication and assistance easier between teacher and students.

ClassKick App
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Top 20 Classroom Management Apps and Software
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Lightspeed Classroom Management is a cloud-based classroom management application that gives teachers unprecedented visibility into their students' activities. With this program, teachers no longer have to peer over every student's shoulder and track what they're doing on their computer. Instead, they can lock their screens and redirect them to work or other assignments. With its innovative features, it can help you increase your students' attention span and reduce the risk of distraction.

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