5 Reasons Why Online Schools Transcends Traditional Learning

5 Reasons Why Online Schools Transcends Traditional Learning

Online learning has begun to show its advantages over traditional schooling in recent years. These are some reasons that make it the right choice.

5 Reasons Why Online Schools Transcends Traditional Learning

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The school system has its fair share of age-old problems that do not seem to be seeing much progress in recent times. 

In the Philippines, there are still reports as of 2019 that lament over 27 million young learners having to meet the same old issues every school year that are systemically felt throughout the nation. 

In situations like this, parents may start thinking of turning to alternatives like homeschooling.

There are now reputable online institutions for junior high in the country, and it's looking like they have the answers to some of the most common issues faced by local education. 

Here are some factors that veer in favor of online learning:

It lessens the need for as many supplies and resources.

    Since online schools base all their learnings through their platform, there is no more need for different supplies that are usually needed to run a classroom. 

    Reduces the need for supplies and resources

    Not only does that add savings for school operations, but it also saves on the part of students because they no longer must pay for miscellaneous fees. 

    It also removes the need for physical books and uniforms since they are learning digitally and can do so in the comfort of their own home.

    Class sizes are no longer an issue for teachers.

      The Department of Education itself has declared the need to downsize class sizes because too many students packed into one class can impede learning, especially since different students have varying degrees of ability and learning paces. 

      Class size is no more an issue

      On top of that, teachers are unable to manage their lessons when their load is too heavy and there is not enough time to have more direct interaction and guidance with each student. 

      Even in recent times, there are still too many students and not enough classrooms.

      With online learning, students can learn with a more focused approach and can have direct access to teachers when they have questions.

      Expenses are considerably lower.

        On top of the removal of miscellaneous fees, tuition fees for online schools are often much lower simply because these institutions have less operational costs to cover. 

        Lower expenses

        Plus, it negates the need for spending on traveling and allocating a separate food budget every week.

        A more flexible schedule caters to different learning paces.

          Online schools are not strictly adherent to the traditional school year as physical institutions are, so students have more freedom in how they handle their classes. 

          Student freedom to his own pace

          While that requires more self-discipline and time management, it also means that learners can feel comfortable at their own pace and be able to process what they are studying.

          There are enough supplies and resources.

            Sadly, many schools today still face limitations with supplies that would have allowed them to cater to all students equally, even in the private sector. 

            It means there are not enough reading materials, projectors, utilities, and other necessities in the educational environment. 

            More reading materials and resources

            With online schooling, everything is accessible in the platform and can be used if the student has an internet connection and a device to use.

            While online learning is not necessarily a permanent replacement, it has become a viable alternative that provides the same complete education and attainment while avoiding some pitfalls that the more traditional system has. 

            With these in mind, you can consider online learning as another option.

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            5 Reasons Why Online Schools Transcends Traditional Learning
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