6 Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

6 Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

Learning does not always have to come from schools. Parents can also be their teachers.

6 Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

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Parents should not rely on academic institutions to provide all the teaching to their children. They should also have the initiative to teach their children a thing or two.

It can be a new game they can enjoy with their playmates, a musical instrument, or solving elementary equations to keep them sharp and ready for classes.

As parents try to find a way to teach their kids new things without boring them, it may be difficult for them to pick the right things to teach about.

Online learning for kids

If that is the case, it is better to consult other parents regarding the best subjects to teach and how to teach them effectively.

The last thing parents want is to overwhelm their children with information and make them lose interest in something.

It is advisable to make the lessons as fun as possible because it can also be a way for parents to bond with their kids.

Here are engaging and fun learning activities parents can choose from:

1. Learning Games

Children love to move around and play with toys. Grabbing learning blocks or learning mats that involve simple challenges that can be easily solved by children is a good idea.

Learning Games

Parents keep their children's brains filled with new information while also getting them physically engaged. The activities can begin with farm animals, colors, numbers, and shapes.

The topics should also vary depending on the kids' age.

2. Writing Lessons

Writing is considered a life skill. It is something children will use throughout their lives. That is why it is important to constantly teach them this skill.

At first, parents can teach them to write their names, and then transition to short words, and then longer ones.

Writing Lessons

While doing this, parents should not be afraid of making a little mess. They can use clay, water paint, or even shaving creams to draw letters.

It helps children stay engaged, and parents also get to have fun.

Once the kids learn how to write their names and a few basic words, teach them how to write legibly. It will help them, especially in school.

3. Color Games

At an early age, most children get intrigued with colors. They are easily noticeable, and some children consider them fun to look at. Hence, the colorful toys.

Color Games

Parents can use their kids' interest in colors by teaching them the names of each color. It can be as simple as gathering toys of different primary colors and teaching them the names of each color.

The more they see the colors, the more they get accustomed to identifying them one by one.

Motor skills are also enhanced during color-identifying activities. Asking young children to pick up items of a specific color helps.

4. Counting Lessons

Teaching children how to count can seem simple, but to them, reciting numbers in the correct order is no easy task.

Counting Lessons

Parents may notice that their children are having difficulties counting in the correct order, and they should take the initiative to teach them how to count properly through simple challenges such as counting items placed in front of them.

5. Math Lessons

Math Lessons

Math is not a difficult subject to teach because it is everywhere. A parent can ask their child to count the number of cars parked in front of their house and add it with the number of cars parked in their garage.

Children do not need to be math geniuses--it is fine to have them know the basics of math as they will be going through the subject for most of their years studying.

6. Music Lessons

Parents can also opt to teach their kids to learn an instrument. It is easier to teach a young child an instrument than older ones. They might even love the experience.

There are plenty of newbie guitar lessons that are age-appropriate and free. Some parents will not even need online lessons because they already know how to play some instruments enough to teach their children.

Music Lessons

The lessons can be supplemented by music classes to further enhance the child's skills, especially if they express interest in the activity.

If they do not, parents should look for other instruments or subjects to teach them.

Are children easy to teach?

Children are not difficult students to deal with. This stands true especially with a teacher that knows positive reinforcements and knows how to communicate with young children who would otherwise play outside.

The most important thing is that children are taught valuable lessons without making them feel about not picking up lessons easily. Learning should be fun and engaging for young ones.
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6 Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home
Darryl SHELTONMember since
Jan 17, 2018

This is a great list of activities to learn new things while staying at home. Thanks for adding music lessons to the list and motivating parents to enroll their kids in music learning to develop new skills.

very nice activities information shared by you with kids. thanks for giving or sharing your thoughts.

Ever since Pandemic has happened, there has been a lot of problem in children's studies. But the children who have good computers or laptops can do their studies well. Then the children should get a good system provided so that the study continues.

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