4 Unique SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Homecare Business

4 Unique SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Homecare Business

The best way to give your business website the recognition it deserves on Google is through best SEO practices.

4 Unique SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Homecare Business

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

Although we have entirely digitized our businesses, including the ones that include home care service providers, there is still much of the digital aspect that companies are not getting the hang of – which includes SEO, marketing, and brand awareness. 

For this, we have plenty of digital marketers, content writers, and SEO specialist that would help you in becoming one of the best businesses around Google town for a specific set of search queries and more. 

Nonetheless, you as a business owner or handler must understand how to go about SEO and elevate your business within the realm of Google to reach more people and bring in business. 

There are plenty of home care services available; take Light Heart Home Care, for example, trying their best to come on top and beat the competition. However, that is only possible if they do their SEO right – which covers the technical and non-technical aspects. 

SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Business Website 

SEO Tips for Website Boost on Google
SEO Optimization Tips

So, how can home care service providers boost their websites and help their audience realize that your business is the right fit for their loved ones?

A large part of your trustworthiness and reliability as a service provider is through a well-built website and, of course, through social media.

By following the SEO tips provided to you below, you can indeed give your company the credibility it deserves.

1. Don’t Just Speak the Right Words, Show Them as Well

Web Copy Writing

The power of words and a pen is rightly true. Words have an impact, and when done correctly, you will know how important it is to convey with the right words. When it comes to SEO, you need to know those right words translate to the ‘right keywords.’ 

Think of keywords as short sentences or phrases that you used to search on Google. For example, instead of typing “Where can I find the best home care services for my aging father?”, we usually write, “best home care services,” and that is it. 

In short, you need to know about the main keywords that your potential clients or audience might use. You can either do keyword research manually or through proper tools like Ahrefs

Once you have the right keywords with you for every web page, then you can strategize your content around those keywords. 

Web content is an art, and once you are aware of writing the top-notch web copy that speaks about your business in the right tone and conveys the right message, along with naturally including those keywords, you are on the right path of winning the Google race. At least one step closer. 

Apart from Ahrefs, you can choose Google Ad Words Keywords Tools

2. Leave No Web Page Unturned, Optimize Everything 

Web Page Keyword Optimization

There is so much to a website than just the outer and complete appearance that you see. It’s not just the middle content that matters; there are so many bits and bobs that require keyword optimization. 

Let’s have a checklist: 

  • URLs
  • Title Tags
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Site Structure

Do note that it isn’t just the website that should be keyword optimized, but it is your social media copy and PPC campaigns that, too, require proper optimization of all time.

Once you convey the right message with the right keywords, Google will have an easier time giving you the spotlight on the first page of its results. 

3. Speed Optimize Your Website 

Website Speed Optimization

Speed optimization has become a necessity. Why? Apart from its importance on consumer behavior, it is also one of the prized criteria for Google as well. 

If your site is slow in loading the pages, then Google is more likely to rank you poorly on its SERPs. One more thing to consider is the mobile-friendliness of your website – mobile-first indexing is something that Google prefers over desktop versions. 

So, if your website is running slow on smartphones, then you are in for a disappointment. 

Now coming to the consumer behavior that largely depends on the site speed – the statistics dictate the following: 

  • The average bounce rate of a website that loads in 2 seconds is 9%; a website that takes more than five seconds is graced with a whopping 38% bounce rate.
  • Users are looking for fast loading sites, so you are in the clear as long as you keep it to one second. But if it is more than 10 seconds, the users usually become impatient and look for other available options.
  • Two-to-three seconds mark is where the bounce rates start to skyrocket. 40% of the consumers will not wait more than three seconds before they decide to switch to your competitors.

This is why you should make sure your website is completely optimized for speed. What can you do to make your website load faster? Plenty of things; here’s a checklist. 

  • Move to a faster host.
  • Minify the JS and CSS files.
  • Use Website Caching for speedier loading.
  • Optimize your database in CMS.
  • Reduce web fonts.
  • Reduce redirects.
  • Compress image sizes.

All the above and more. Once your website speed is sorted, you are all good to go and, as always, a few steps closer to becoming one of the top-ranking websites on Google. 

4. Highlight Positive Reviews

Highlight Positive Reviews

Every online business needs to showcase their positive client/customer reviews to boost positive image and reliability factor. 

Many customers go through the reviews to make the final judgment about whether to avail of the services or not. 

Hence, to make sure your clients can trust you. You need to showcase the positive reviews on your website along with the ones that show constructive criticism. 

You should also be aware that your reputation and trustworthiness rides on great reviews from the people who have had the experience of availing of your services. 

So do not miss that out. 


SEO is one of the most prized techniques that can make a winner out of every website when applied properly. Not to mention, you have to make your website mobile responsive, otherwise, you are bound to lose the race of getting indexing priority.

Although it is a consistent effort to keep your website afloat on the first page of Google search results, with the right team, that is definitely do-able.

There is enough material online for you to become an SEO expert over time. Here's a list of some of the best material you can find. 

What exactly is SEO? OR Ultimate On-page SEO Guide for 2021 OR Quick Marketing Guide for Website SEO

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4 Unique SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Homecare Business
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