3 Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Construction Firm

3 Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Construction Firm

The reputation of your construction image is instrumental to attracting new clients and closing deals with them. Discover ways to improve your brand image.

3 Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Construction Firm

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Every company needs to take good care of their reputation, including construction firms. Multiple negative reviews for contractors can make obtaining new clients or projects difficult. 

When this happens, the construction firm may need to exert extra effort, like offering multiple assurances, to win the client's trust.

If your construction company offers its services online, you will need to be serious about improving and maintaining your reputation. By keeping a good image, your business can win over clients and stay ahead of competitors.

Here are a few suggestions you can take to boost the reputation of your construction firm:

Show How Your Business Values Safety

    Safety is instrumental to the reputation of a construction company. By emphasizing this company value, clients are more likely to do business with construction firms. 

    Show how your business values safety

    Safety offers assurance that a project will go smoothly without incident. Although various factors can hold up a project timeline, extended and costly delays may occur due to major accidents.

    Here is an example: Let us say you're in the business of constructing roads. If you want to win clients over, you could add safety features to the roads you build. 

    An example is applying reflective thermoplastic road paint on the highways you construct. This type of paint consists of reflective materials that help motorists see where they are on the road during bad weather.

    You could talk about your safety processes on your website. You could also serve as a safety advocate by publishing construction-related safety tips on social media.

    Get Clients to Leave Reviews

      Client reviews are essential to the reputation of your construction company, as they contribute to the overall decision-making process. 

      Get clients to leave reviews

      According to a report from Social Media Today, nearly two-thirds of consumers believe that the reviews they find online will help them choose a business.

      If your construction company has not been receiving a lot of reviews, now's a good time to encourage previous clients to leave feedback about your services. Here are a few tips to entice these people to write a review:

      • Create Multiple Business Profiles on Popular Review Sites - Think about the review websites relevant to your business, such as Google Local and Angie's List. You could also consider general review websites, like Trustpilot and TrustLink. Then, set up profiles for those websites.
      • Ask Your Clients Directly - Sometimes, a request from your satisfied clients is all it takes to get reviews. An article from Search Engine Land found that seven out of ten consumers would write a review for a company when asked. You could send them an email or get in touch with them over the phone. Then, ask if they could leave a review on the review site of their choice.
      • Make Leaving Reviews Easy for Your Customers - Place direct links to your business profiles in various places, including your website, newsletter, and follow-up emails. Also, keep the survey short and straight to the point. Unless your clients have a lot to say about your construction company, people should not spend too much time answering your review.
      • Give Incentives to People Who Leave Reviews - Some clients need a little "push" to get them to leave a review on your website. Show your appreciation to these clients by providing a small incentive. Make sure that you clarify that the offer is for leaving an honest review - not writing a purely positive review.

      Improve Your Social Media Engagement

        On top of gathering positive feedback from satisfied customers, you should improve how you engage with users on your social media pages. 

        Improve your social media engagement

        This means being proactive on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking platforms. Engaging your followers helps you establish a consistent brand image for your construction company.

        Regular engagement also shows that your firm is taking the time to listen to its clients and make the changes needed to be a better company.

        Here are a few suggestions to help you boost your social media engagement and improve your online reputation:

        • Respond properly to questions or concerns sent via direct message (DM) or posted in the comments section and on your Facebook timeline. If clients ask you about the materials you work with, answer the inquiry rather than providing a link to one of your website's service pages.
        • Post photos and videos of your recently completed construction projects, then ask for feedback from users.
        • Highlight the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of your construction business.
        • Handle negative feedback appropriately. Even when the comment is too aggressive or one-sided, you should still exercise tact and politeness when you address any complaint.

        Improve the reputation of your business. By working on your company's image, your business can win the trust of more clients and expand your client base.

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        3 Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Construction Firm
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