Four simple extensions to make your Chrome better

Four simple extensions to make your Chrome better

Discover four great Chrome extensions to make your browser more user-friendly. From readability, to handling many tabs and to social login management.

Four simple extensions to make your Chrome better

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

Browser extensions are lightweight applications which run on web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. 

These applications are meant to make internet browsing more dynamic and user-friendly. There are Chrome extensions which can help you in managing your social logins. 

There are many chrome extensions which you can use to customize your browser to match your taste. 

Many of these small software packages are developed by independent engineers and are completely free. Just visit the chrome webstore and have a look around or search for a package, if you already got an idea.

Browser extensions should never be confused with browser plugins. These are two separate entities that perform a nearly similar task. 

Plug-ins are so-called executables, that is, object code. Extensions, on the other hand, are source code. 

There are thousands of these browser extensions in the market. You just need to get the right one for the intended purpose. Plugins, on the other hand, are obsolete and only runs in the old browsers.

Installing browser extensions is an easy process which takes less than a minute. All you need to do is to get to the Chrome web store if you are a chrome user. 

Search for the extension you want then click on “Add to Chrome” to install. This article will, however, shift your focus to four of those Chrome browser extensions which you will find useful in your daily lives.


Ask Blocker keeps all the permission requests in check. This extension will block any permission request until you get to that specific page, that is by click, tap, or key press. 

As usual, there are a few exceptions to stopping permissions. Luckily, these are mostly developer relevant and therefore probably irrelevant to you.

AskBlocker can block immediate permission requests when you visit a site for the first time. You can also go through the list of blocked requests and you may decide to whitelist them. 

After whitelisting a website or web-application you might need to reload the page. This extension always keeps you on the safe side as you can always confirm any changes you make.

AskBlocker extension as it appears on the chrome web store

Find tabs quicker with this lightweight tab-search

Lightweight tab Search is the way to go if you want to navigate through the browser tabs quickly and efficiently. 

With keyboard shortcuts, this browser extension is under your full control. Lightweight Tab Search is ideal for those who are using the internet over a number of tabs. 

Now you can manage all your tabs with one click.

Users who are fond of using different browser tabs will find it easy to manage their activities across all those browsers with this lightweight application. Features are:

  • A lightweight Tab Search
  • Last searched keyword pops up in the next visit
  • Tabs can be closed at once
  • Can operate on a number of open tabs, across different browser windows
  • Easy to control using keyboard keys
  • Navigation through different open tabs and browsers is easy.

Lightweight Tab Search extension from chrome web store in action

Never forget which social login you used again

Many users of social network sites have found themselves in a position where they can’t access their online accounts due to forgotten passwords and social logins. 

This is an annoying situation that no one wishes to come to. You need to act and work on a solution if you want to always stay connected and avoid stress. 

Passwords can be reset, but social logins can’t be reset in the same way. Which Login is a browser extension which helps you remember your social login avoiding the troubles down the road.

It helps you remember the social logins you have used in the past across different platforms on the internet. 

You need this browser extension to stay away from the stress which comes with forgotten social logins.

WhichLogin detected, the user signed-in using Twitter on this website last time.

Clean up the clutter and have only the text

Many people have resort to the internet as the primary source of information. You can read about anything and everything from the internet. 

However, some websites have customized features which are annoying and makes it really difficult to get the information which you need. There also some annoying “features” such as ads and popups. That is why Just Read Chrome extension is here to help you get rid of all those annoying disruptions.

With Just Read extension, you can:

  • Use white and dark default theme
  • Customize your theme using CSS or a graphical editor
  • Use already existing free themes
  • Customize the article for printing
  • Edit the generated meta description if not correct
  • Take control of options used by Just Read
  • Control Just Read using keyboard shortcuts

Just Read is a powerful tool which makes you have the feel and look of any website on your hand. 

This browser extension is 100% safe. No personal information is collected by the developer. You will only be asked to register and whatever you provide for registration is all the developers take.

Just Read for customizing a web page content into an easy-to-read version.

The Bottomline

You can make your browsing experience better using the four browser extensions discussed above. However, the extent to which you can enhance your browser capability is limitless. 

Many great developers are working hard, day and night, to bring for you more stunning browser extensions. 

The use of these extensions is on the rise and is likely to shoot up in the coming years. The good news is that many of them are free. Just identify what will make your online activity more pleasant.

Not all browser extensions are safe. Cybercriminals are also at work to steal vital information from you. 

This is a reality which we cannot deny. Before installing any browser extension in your computer, you should verify its publisher. Criminals might be hiding behind the lucrative browser extension to steal your personal data. 

The safety of your online-life rests with you.

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Four simple extensions to make your Chrome better
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