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5 Steps to Optimize Your SEO for Voice Search

Voice Search has gained an immense success because it is a more convenient method for Google search than to type.

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8 Unique Tips How to Decide the Best Design Niche for You

If you are a budding designer, you might wonder which design niche is right for you. Read on to find out how to find your fit and choose your design niche.

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Business Benefits Of Performance Testing

Performance testing helps determine the speed and effectiveness of an application. It measures the quality attributes of the system.

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7 skills a good web developer must have

If you are planning to venture into web development, here are the top 7 skills that a good web developer should have.

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How can SEO contribute to your bottom line?

SEO helps you to get ranked higher in the search results. This will get you the much-desired traffic to your website resulting in greater sale conversion.

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Common Ways to Rename, Change or Remove Git Branches

The ultimate guide to the most common 3 ways to rename, change or delete Git branches locally and remotely using Git bash, GitHub and Visual Studio

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3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility

3 SEO Benefits Of Blogging That Improve Visibility On Google , blogging is powerful techniques to improve Rank & increase search query.

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4 Ways to Remove Files from Git Commit History

The definitive guide to remove Git files from tracking, staging area, commit history and the remote repository after push.

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3 Ways to Create Git Local and Remote Repositories

A guide to the 3 workflows for creating local Git and remote GitHub repositories and pushing code using git push and pull origin master commands.

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Easiest Way to Download Git Bash Commands on Windows

The easiest guide to Git Bash for windows download and, the basic configurations needed to install Git bash commands to manage your repositories

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14 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Web Template

If you are up to buy a website template, here are some very important topics you should be aware of to buy the right template for your website.

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Create Modern ASP.NET MVC Dropdown Lists - 3 Steps

The complete guide to creating modern UI drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC in very simple steps using Razor and Bootstrap for professional results

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How to migrate an existing Cordova app to VS2017

The complete guide to migrating an existing Cordova application to a Cordova project on Visual Studio 2017 with building and running the app in 3 steps

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Scrolling Kendo mobile views with code in 2 steps

The easiest x-steps guide to scroll a Kendo mobile view with HTML and JS code. Most useful when auto scrolling to a certain HTML element is needed.

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