3 Ways on How Get Started in Digital Entrepreneurship

How to get started in digital entrepreneurship? Here are three ways.

3 Ways on How Get Started in Digital Entrepreneurship

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How can you get started on digital entrepreneurship?

I’m not a huge fan of 98% of digital entrepreneurship programs and courses out there. 

There are also programs that are a hit-and-miss, there are programs that didn’t work out. The truth is that not every paid program is going to align to your values or take you a step forward. 

However, ultimately, I do believe that one’s level of financial success is determined by how much you implement the knowledge that you pay for.

1- Learn from Coaches

    "If you can learn it on YouTube for free, why would you pay for it?"

    Learn from coaches

    I’m not saying YouTube university can’t work. If you’re great at filtering information, arguably you can learn from YouTube, and reverse engineer using first principles. (most people aren’t).

    There are good SEO, digital marketing courses out there.

    If you can’t buy, you can’t sell

      There is a saying, if you don’t buy a high ticket, you’ll never feel like you'll be worth charging a high ticket. 

      I’m not saying you SHOULD buy a high ticket program. However, I am saying that if you don’t purchase a high ticket, you’ll most likely not feel able to charge a high ticket price.

      If you can't buy it, you can't sell it.

      If I could do things differently, I’ll build just ONE relationship with one guy, maybe an SEO expert who I knew in Singapore or a paid media expert that has ‘been there done that’, and get feedback from him as possible. 

      I can’t begin to tell you that SUPPORT makes a HUGE difference.

      I got into tunnel vision and did everything by myself and hugely regretted those decisions. 

      Upsides of Coaches

        In today’s world of information overwhelm, implementation is going to be FAR more useful than information. You’ll also need to be careful NOT to fall into analysis paralysis.

        We’re all blind to our own blind spots. In today’s world of information. 

        Upsides of coaches

        The true value of getting a coach or mentor isn’t information. It’s INSIGHT. 

        Compared to information, insight is what to do with specific pieces of information at any given specific point of time. 

        The upside of a community is that you are around someone who has been there and done that.
        That's the true value of a great coach, mentor and a sparring partner.

        Knowledge is great, however, insight and information is better. Invest in yourself, and execute relentlessly.

        2- Learn Marketing: Good Products are Not Good Enough

        I remembered at 23 years of age I took a gap year from my University to build a ‘4 hour work week’ life. I end up spending a lot of time in front of my laptop, twiddling with an empty website and not making any headway. 

        It took me more than 6 months to admit I wasn’t getting anywhere.

        Learn Marketing

        In hindsight, that one year itself only got me great at using WordPress. 

        I used to think stories like that are unique, however as I spent my years in the startup/ entrepreneurial world, it’s not rare to hear stories like that.

        I recently met up with an ex banker that left to enter the dating apps industry. He desires to go into tech, he doesn’t have the coding abilities and is currently outsourcing his tech development. I knew straight away he was new to entrepreneurship because of the way he spoke about his business. 

        It has been 11 months since he left, and he’s been forced to take up freelance driving as a side hustle to fund his lifestyle. 

        He was sure of the one big idea: his product.

        It’s NOT about one grand business idea, it’s about focusing on skill sets such as SEO, copywriting, basic web design, sales and paid advertising such as Facebook Ads so that you can acquire clients. You’ll also need to know these skills when you hire out SEO services and agencies.

        3- Learn Simple Finance 

        In entrepreneurship paper valuations, financial projections and posturing can mean close to nothing. 

        Learn simple finance

        I kept my overheads super low by operating out of a furniture showroom owned by my Uncle for the first 5-6 years whilst getting my hands wet in business. 

        In the crazy world of business, especially in the digital start up space, whilst everyone else is posturing, the best thing to do is to keep a grounded profile.

        Free cash flow is the most important to any business, followed by net profit and then revenue. You got to know simple financial terminology,

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