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Fix could not find any version that matches cm:9.8+.

Building android app with PhoneGap error could not find any version that matches cm:9.8+ fix

If you have been trying to build your android application using PhoneGap CLI command >> phonegap build android and you have been receiving the following error: "could not find any version that matches cm:9.8+." then follow the following steps to fix it

  1. On your command prompt type in: android.
  2. The android SDK manager will show up, scroll down until you find "Extras".
  3. Update both "Google Play Services" and "Google Repository" to the latest version as shown in the below screenshot.
  4. Close the android SDK manager and go back to the command prompt.
  5. Retry the build command >> phonegap build android

Android SDK Manager

Hope this helps and feel free to leave me a comment in case you have any question.

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