SharePoint 2013 OSERVER Installation Error Fix

SharePoint 2013 oserver installation error fix using the ORCA tool in windows SDK

SharePoint 2013 OSERVER Installation Error Fix

When installing SharePoint 2013 on Windows 2012 DataCenter, after having a successful installation for the SharePoint prerequisites, you might get stuck in the following installation error

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Before you click "Close" go to Windows explorer and type in the address bar %temp%. 

This will lead you to where the installations log files are. Check the cause of the error and if you found something like "SharePoint 2013 installation failed to install product oserver.msi" then you can do the following steps to fix it:

1- Check the number of processor cores of your virtual machine. If it's only one core then you should increase them by at least four cores to meet the minimum requirements of the SharePoint 2013 small deployments and retry the installation. (Reference: SharePoint 2013 Hardware and Software Requirements). 

However, if you found the number of cores already four or more then you should go to the next step.

2- Download the attached Orca tool (in the attachments section below) and install it on the same machine you would like to install SharePoint. This tool can edit .msi files and it's a part of the Windows SDK.

3- In your SharePoint installation media folders, go to "global" folder and locate the "oserver.msi" file.

4- Right click on the file and select "Edit with Orca".

5- Select InstallExecuteSequence table as shown below.

6- Locate the ArpWrite value then right-click and Drop Row.

7- Click File -> Save.

Rerun the SharePoint 2013 installation and everything will go smoothly installing SharePoint.


Orca Tool - MSI files editor
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