5 Top Strategies for TikTok Engagement for Business Growth

5 Top Strategies for TikTok Engagement for Business Growth

The best way for your brand to build engagement on TikTok is to follow the best tactics available on the internet.

5 Top Strategies for TikTok Engagement for Business Growth

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Everybody on this planet has a secret desire to be famous and make our presence felt. Don't we? 

And the need to be well-known is relatively higher for the ones owning a business. This is because of the need to acquire more clients and earn more profit. 

The way to achieve this is by using Trollishly and creating brand awareness, promoting business offerings, and actively engaging with the audience.

TikTok for business

Fortunately, social media platforms help business owners get the popularity, reach, visibility, and engagement their business demands. For example, TikTok, the rapidly evolving social media platform with 1 billion users after its launch, has around 830+ million users. 

This is a fruitful situation for business owners to find and acquire potential clients.

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Why Prefer TikTok to Other Social Media Platforms for Your Business?

Off late, many content creators are using TikTok excessively when compared to Facebook and Instagram. This is ascribed to TikTok's nature of providing virtually anyone with a chance to be discovered and eventually become famous. This process is known as "organic discovery."

Social Media

On TikTok, you are guaranteed that all likelihood will see the video you posted. This is because TikTok shows your video to a small sample first, even if you need more followers. If the video you posted reaches a good level of popularity, TikTok helps your video go viral. 

The barrier to entry for creators could be much higher on TikTok.

Concerning Facebook and Instagram, you need to work hard to get noticed because their algorithms do everything possible to down rank your content. 

In the case of YouTube, you need to establish a decent base of followers; only then will the recommendation algorithm start noticing the content you have put out. Thus, TikTok can be considered a safe bet.

Interestingly, studies also indicate that 52% of social media marketers have begun to use TikTok as part of their marketing plan.

Social Media

The super juicy ingredient that makes TikTok very popular is the "content network effort." This essentially means, in addition to repeating trendy viral challenges, creators can reuse other creators' audio. 

For instance, let's consider a video that has become popular; you can take this video's original sound and record your video on top of it. There are many videos on TikTok like this; eventually, these remixes snowball into an infinite amount of content on the platform.

Audio memes provide creators with a lot of scope for creativity. It also enhances the overall value of the content on TikTok faster than on any other platform.

Still More Curious? 

Eric Ban, the former product manager at Instagram, stated:

"When I was the Product Manager at Instagram and Facebook, building a true content-first social network was the holy grail. But, unfortunately, we never figured it out. Yet somehow TikTok has cracked and leapfrogged everyone else."


TikTok majorly earns money by showing video ads to its viewers in their feeds. When businesses know to use this correctly, you might not even realize that you are looking at an Ad. 

At some point, a download or shop now button will appear, and you can click on it if it interests you. Hence, it would be very beneficial if businesses take advantage of this as it looks organic and reaches younger audiences. 

This is something that takes a lot of work to achieve on other platforms. 

Now, we understand the advantages of TikTok compared to other social media platforms. So, let's now dive into our main topic of discussion concerning enhancing engagement on TikTok to grow your business.

Quite surprisingly, the engagement rate of TikTok is higher when compared to other social media platforms. It is estimated that the engagement rate of TikTok, on average, is 4.25 %, and the engagement rates of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are 0.60%, 0.15%, and 0.05 percent, respectively. 

The engagement rate of TikTok, on average, is 4.25 percent. 

To enhance your levels of engagement on TikTok, consider using the five super-effective strategies listed below to enjoy more growth and success. The strategies are as follows:

5 Effective Strategies for Better Engagement

1. Consider Asking Questions

Asking questions based on what you communicate through your videos, texts on the screen, and captions are proven beneficial. This especially is very inviting for people who are introverted and nervous. It helps people who have trouble opening up. This can help you get more comments and increase engagement.

2. The Lighting Conditions and Angles Used in Matter

Recording videos with clear lighting and creating space between you and the camera can drive engagement, irrespective of the message you are trying to communicate. You could enhance your engagement and allow your video to go viral by opting to buy TikTok likes, since it is a bonus tip.

3. Inclusion of Conversation Points

While Shooting your videos, consider getting them shot against a striking and eye-catching background. This will help intentionally plant conversation starters into your content. You could also try wearing a unique outfit or just getting nail art done and flaunting it in your videos.

These techniques grab the audience's attention and propel them to ask questions surrounding these aspects. Hence, helping you get tons of engagement.

4. Using Hooks Within the First Five Seconds of Your Video

Utilizing hooks within the first five seconds of your video will largely determine whether people will continue to watch the video further or not. Most videos that go viral are due to the usage of powerful hooks. 

Hence, studying the hooks employed in the various popular videos can make your video more impactful and drive engagement. 

This strategy is beneficial if you aim to promote your brand effectively and gain more followers whom you can convert into potential leads and customers.

5. Having Sound Knowledge of TikTok's Algorithm

Having a good knowledge of TikTok's algorithm is very important. It can tremendously assist you in devising quality content to gain more followers and likes from your target audience. 


Ensuring to post quality content consistently on TikTok by employing the five super-effective strategies shared in this article will help enhance engagement while fostering the growth of your business.

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5 Top Strategies for TikTok Engagement for Business Growth
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