6 Unique Tips How to Reopen a Hotel During the Pandemic

6 Unique Tips How to Reopen a Hotel During the Pandemic

The pandemic upended the hotel industry over a year ago. Find out what hotels should do to prepare for their reopening during a health crisis.

6 Unique Tips How to Reopen a Hotel During the Pandemic

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The hotel industry experienced a huge setback when the pandemic started. Guests canceled their bookings, and no new reservations were made. This compelled thousands of hotels to close due to the lack of guests.

But a year after the pandemic started, the situation has changed. States across the country lifted restrictions, and authorities have administered more than 320 million vaccine doses

Hotels are also starting to reopen as people started traveling again.

But hotel owners should consider a couple of things before they accept reservations and welcome guests after over a year.

Follow State and Federal Regulations

Before reopening, hotel owners should check the regulations set by the local, state, and federal governments. These regulations ensure hotel employees and guests are safe from the virus. 

Follow State and Federal Regulations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines specific to the hospitality industry a year ago.

Hotel owners can check these guidelines along with any guidelines released by their local and state governments to avoid any issues in the future. 

These guidelines also ensure hotels prevent the spread of the virus, especially with the emergence of the more infectious delta variant.

Implement Health Protocols

Reopening a business during a pandemic requires the owners to implement health protocols to keep the staff and customers safe. There may be changes to the procedures that the hotel staff follows. 

They should clean high-touch areas regularly. These areas include tabletops, door handles, elevator buttons, and handrails, among others. The hotel should also disinfect each room thoroughly whenever a guest checks out. 

Implement Health Protocols

They should also dispose of single-use items or items left by the guests as soon as the guests leave the hotel.

The hotel should also implement social distancing measures through the layout of its public areas. Using online reservation and check-in procedures also reduced person-to-person interaction in the hotel. 

The hotel can also promote using contactless payment options. Employees should also wear masks while they are at work.

Renovate and refurbish!

Hotel owners can investigate renovating or refurbishing the hotel so that they can meet the standards set by local, state, and federal authorities. They should clean and disinfect all areas in the hotel, including the rooms, public areas, and offices. 

Changing the layout of the public areas should also focus on promoting social distancing when the hotel reopens.

Hotel owners can also work on the frontage of the hotel and ensure it looks great. If the hotel has a lawn, hiring a commercial landscaping company is essential to restore the hotel's lawn to its pre-pandemic glory. 

They can also install hand sanitizers in different areas of the hotel to make it easy for guests and staff to clean their hands while inside the hotel.

Install Suitable Technology

The hotel should also install technology suitable for remote workers. They should ensure the bandwidth can accommodate several users, especially if the hotel promotes work cations to clients working from home nearby. 

Install Suitable Technology

To meet the needs of small meetings, the hotel can also install equipment that allows them to webcast the meeting if the client has virtual attendees to their events.

Focus on the Domestic Market

With the emergence of the delta variant of the virus in different parts of the world, hotel owners can focus on the domestic market. They can promote their facilities for small events to facilitate social distancing. 

They can also promote a daytime stay for people who want a change of atmosphere with their work-at-home arrangements.

Focus on domestic market

Hotel owners can also consider marketing the hotel as a work cation hotel where people can stay and enjoy the amenities of the hotel plus butler service to handle tasks related to their work, including printing, and scanning of documents. 

It is a good option for work-at-home employees looking for a place to focus on their work for a week to finish a major project.

The hotel can also promote its facilities to nearby businesses and offices planning to host a small event, conference, or meeting. The hotel can offer booking by the hour to entice them to hold their meetings and conferences.

Simplify the Booking Process

Hotel owners can also make the booking process simple and easy. Since they will likely focus on local businesses looking for venues for physical and virtual meetings, the hotel can make it simple and transparent. 

Simplify the booking process

Instead of negotiating the price, they can show these clients different packages for meetings and small events. The clients can choose the package they want and add on if they need equipment other than the ones included in the package.

With the improving economy and fewer cases, hotels should make the necessary preparations before opening their doors to their clients.

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6 Unique Tips How to Reopen a Hotel During the Pandemic
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