Attention marketers: Facebook also has a Blockchain team!

Attention marketers: Facebook also has a Blockchain team!

Attention social media marketers: Do you know Facebook has a blockchain team, how can it impact you?

Attention marketers: Facebook also has a Blockchain team!

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Facebook marketing is one of the most popular activities preferred by today's digital marketers. And why not? Facebook has n number of followers and most of them are active. 

On the other hand, it has not been very long that blockchain and its astoundingly amazing security systems are changing the way we used to do Facebook marketing. Not many of us have an exact idea about the security system with respect to Facebook marketing and blockchain. 

However, we do come to know about its existence from cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum etc. Blockchain technology is also getting highly recognized in making a direct contact between the advertisers and consumers. 

Blockchain eliminates the need for any third party or mediator to be involved in the process in any of the digital marketing activities, including Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing and Blockchain

Can you imagine most talked technology blockchain and most preferred social network Facebook to walk hand in hand? Well, it would be too shocking to know that our very own social networking website or app Facebook is also planning on getting blockchain developed into its systems. 

It already has developed a team for the same but is working on making the security systems for the Facebook accounts more reliable with the game-changing security system i.e. Blockchain!

Digital Marketing

With the shocking and utmost transformation to security systems of many of the industries given by the blockchain security systems, it is being largely expected to give competition to other and already existing security systems.

For now, this system is influentially used by financial industries and is marking a promising change in other industries that need security to be regulated. And not only the Facebook, but there are also many other brands which are thinking about adopting blockchain as their security system in the coming future.

Blockchain challenges for Facebook marketers

With being the most reliable systems of all time, blockchain are also facing several challenges. Particularly in adopting the system by Facebook, there are many other challenges that are needed to be concentrated on!


Speed is the most challenging issue that is being faced by the blockchain industry in the way of providing security for marketing purposes and social networking sites like Facebook. For blockchain being successful for these websites, it has to process more than thousands of information about millions of daily users online.

Compared to the speed that is needed for the security systems on Facebook marketing, it should be highly fast and specially designed for the rapidly dynamic environment. On the top of it, numerous users should be able to access it with the same speed at the same time. 

If the security of the marketing websites like Facebook and Instagram is left in the hand of blockchain technology, then the speed element might have to suffer.

Adoption by the users

It has been largely observed that users fail to invest the trust in new security technologies and refuse to provide their information for the best possible experiences. 

It would be a bigger challenge to make the users believe in the blockchain security system, which would ultimately block the way from blockchain development technology getting successful in the marketing industry.

For instance, sharing original pictures on profile and poking took almost a decade to get and used in its normal pace by the Facebook users.

Opportunities to revolutionize Facebook marketing

Blockchain development technology sounds perfect for the security needs. In addition, to handle new challenges to the market, digital marketers need to bring about some opportunities to revolutionize the market too! And, this is very much possible with combining Blockchain and Facebook.

One on one connection

Who doesn’t need personal attention when they are needed to be attended among hundreds of people? Each customer demands or at least expects to be treated like a priority. Blockchain development technology paves a way for the ultimate personal connection between the marketer and the user or customer. 

This would not only build a good relationship with the company, but would also help in increasing ROI.

Vanishing of the existing non-secure privacy systems

Almost all the marketing websites need to access user’s information to make them reach the marketers which are suitable to their needs. This information could be applied to all the websites when and wherever they are being used. 

This could be done with blockchain security systems as it doesn’t transfer the information and all the information stored by the user is encrypted and cannot be hacked by any third party.

A step ahead for marketers!

In the era of competition, there is a need to decide upon the steps that are needed to be taken in the coming future. Here’s a small to-do list that marketers can adopt beforehand. 

Step Ahead for the Marketers

This would give the marketers an assurance for their plan to hit the success rate.

Strategic Scaling for the customer’s interest

Blockchain make it easy for the marketers to obtain information about the interests, likes, and dislikes of the customers or users. 

Maintaining a profile for the customers whether they are new, current or existing customers would efficiently make the marketers reach the hypes in providing the user what they need and when they need it.

Optimizing the marketing strategy

It is important to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Blockchain technology makes it easy for the customers to be distributed according to their needs and interests, hence making the Facebook marketing through blockchain easy and essential.

It is after all the customers and users that makes or breaks the market, but the sole responsibility comes on the marketer that how they treat the users and the customers. 

Blockchain would not only bring the brands, marketers, and markets closer to the customers but will also help in keeping the customers engaged in using this system with utmost security and without the fear of any information being prone to be hacked or revealed. 

How do you think is the market and our users will be affected? Do let us know in the comments section

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Attention marketers: Facebook also has a Blockchain team!
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