The Fascinating Evolution of the Gaming Mouse

The Fascinating Evolution of the Gaming Mouse

The ways in which new technology are changing the gaming sector are incredible for all involved. Check this post about the evolution of gaming mice now!

The Fascinating Evolution of the Gaming Mouse

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The Fascinating Evolution of the Gaming Mouse

The progression of technology, in general, has been fascinating to witness over the last few years, and the gaming industry is no exception. 

The ways in which new technology are changing the gaming sector are incredible for all involved.

The fascinating evolution of gaming mouses

One of the most pivotal components of the gaming experience is the computer mouse. This device is essential to certain games and is the preferred mode of control for countless gamers.

If you love to learn facts about technology, you will want to read on to delve into the history of the gaming mouse!

The First Computer Mouse

The first computer mouse was designed in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart. This very early mouse was constructed with a wooden outer shell and two metal wheels. 

This computer mouse was operated from a circuit board inside the device itself.

The first gaming mouse

It was not until eight years later that a more modern version of the computer mouse was invented, this time by a man called Bill English.

English enhanced the original design to create the ball mouse that is still used today in some places, although this is generally outdated now. 

The ball was added in place of the two metal wheels that featured in Engelbart’s design.

The Optical Mouse

During the 1980s, the first optical mouse was invented. The optical version of the computer mouse uses an infrared LED light. This eradicated the need for a ball within the device. 

Some users reported that the ball would easily be affected by dirt on the surface area it was being used upon, which could impact performance. The optical mouse eradicated this problem.

The optical mouse

In 1988, Lisa Williams and Robert Cherry patented a new optical mouse that went on to be sold with Xerox products. It took a decade for this new technology to become commercially successful. 

This success was partially attributed to decreased costs for production and the enhanced performance of the device during these later years.

It was during these decades that gaming on computers started to gain more appeal, meaning the mouse itself was utilized more for gameplay.

Modern-Day Gaming Mouse

Modern-day mouse devices for gaming can be purchased with paracord cables to ensure optimum performance. 

These cables are extremely light and flexible, meaning the user maintains full control over their gaming experience.

Modern Gaming Mouse

A wireless mouse is also a popular option for those who wish to use the device without cables. 

The first commercially available wireless mouse was released for general sale in 1991, and the technology has undoubtedly improved over the last three decades.

The Best Mouse for Gaming

People who play computer games now have a wide range of choices when it comes to which mouse they will use to play.

Many of these devices are now designed specifically for gaming, with higher quality sensors and better accuracy. 

The best mouse for gaming

Many gaming mouse devices are also designed with additional buttons on the device itself that can be programmed for use within the game. 

This gives gamers greater control and can increase the speed at which they are able to act.

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The Fascinating Evolution of the Gaming Mouse
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