4 Easy Steps to Market a New App Before Launch

A great way to stand out as a business is with your very own custom application. This can be a web-based application or alternatively a software program.

4 Easy Steps to Market a New App Before Launch

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Market a New App Before Launch in 4 Easy Steps

A great way to stand out as a business is with your very own custom application. This can be a web-based application or alternatively a software program. Whatever application type works best for your business’s future does not matter. 

Mobile app marketing

What matters is that you find its audience, and market it properly. Only with the right marketing approach can you get presales and boost your business as a whole with this new approach to business. 

To help you market your new application before it even launches, follow these steps:

1. Keyword and Demographic Research

In most cases, the language that you and your teams will be using will differ from what the language that the public uses. On top of user research, you will also want to conduct demographic and keyword research

Keyword and demographic research

This will help you narrow down what phrases, buzzwords, and narrative scope you should focus on to really connect with your target audience.

2. Get The Application Concept in Front of Your Audience

Just as you can market your concept to investors, you can market your concept to a new audience. If you have a new mobile app or web platform that you are excited to share, use part of that pitch deck to market it to your audience.

Present app concept to audience

Aim for a soft-sell approach and get as many subscriptions, sign-ups, presales and more than possible before your new application launch.

3. Conduct User Research and Product Analysis

You can have an idea. That idea however has to go through the ringer to get refined down to a diamond of an idea. The good news is that you don’t need to do this on your own. 

You can hire developers that can cover it all; for example, you will want to find developers that offer user research and product analysis all the way to software development, UI/UX design, brand design, and even pitch deck creation. 

Conduct user research and analysis

Start first with a thorough user research and product analysis so that you can do a workshop for that initial idea and understand what features your application needs. Your application needs to be accessible, it needs to be engaging, and it needs to fulfill a need. 

By understanding more of what your customers want, you can immediately create a better application and know how to market it properly.

4. Make Your App Launch into a Big Event (and How to Get News Media to Talk About It)

One of the easiest ways to get the ball rolling on your app is to offer a big launch event special. For digital programs, this will typically be a special sale or free weekend that allows users to really get in there and use your program. 

App launch event

If the application itself is free to use and is a tool you are using in order to launch a new branch of your business, then similar practices will need to be used. Find a unique way to make your launch weekend special so that you can get started with this new venture faster, and with a bang.

There are many ways to get your business talked about online, too. Start first by guest posting. From there, you will want to send press releases and even pitch your concept and potential investors to journalists so that you can get your business name out there.

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