6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Proven digital marketing techniques can grow your business in no time. And you will have several options to help improve brand awareness and profits.

6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

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Digital marketing refers to the use of the Internet to promote brand awareness. 

Regardless of your business, be it an educational institution, finance services, or an eco-friendly online store that offers reusable bags made of organic cotton, below are the digital marketing techniques that are proven to scale just about any businesses:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may have the best products or blogs in the world, but without the use of SEO, your website will likely fall on the second page of Google. The fact is users never bother there.

Search Engine Optimization

To give you a better understanding, here is a quick overview of search engines. Inside them are web crawlers or spiders that index content in a methodical manner. In other words, they are the ones responsible for the search results that appear on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL.

The primary factors they use to determine keyword relevance are:

Meta title: This is the title that appears on the search engine. Inserting your keyword here tells web crawlers that your content is relevant to the user search.

Meta description: This is a summary of your content that appears below the meta title. Web crawlers read this, too

URL: Adding a keyword here makes it easier for web crawlers to determine what your page is about.

Alt tag: Insert the keyword before uploading the images.

SEO tells web crawlers that you have relevant content, allowing your page to rank higher on search engines. But avoid keyword stuffing as you get can get penalized

2. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

This simply means paying for every click or every time a user lands on your page through the ads. The cost will depend on the keywords, but the high competition keywords are more expensive than the lower ones. 

Pay per click

The key is to identify your target audience and geography. PPC allows you to limit your ads to a specific location, driving only significant traffic.

3. Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing refers to the integration of various social media platforms to drive more traffic to your sites. 

With the right strategy and tools, your company can become the word of mouth. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular social media platforms for businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook has 2.7 billion users worldwide. Twitter has 145 million active users. Although YouTube earns a minimum of 5 million views per day.

Specify your target audience, and tailor your content, to reach the people who are most likely to take interest in your products and services.

These platforms offer free website analytics tools, allowing you to determine the most popular blogs, number of views, and the best time of the day to post.

4. Content Marketing

You can write as many blogs as you want about a variety of topics, but are they helping grow your business? Users get an impression from your content, so produce attractive and engaging information. 

Content Marketing

The questions you may consider include "what value will it give to readers?" and "what will the readers learn from this article?"

Working on different buyer's journeys, such as awareness, consideration, and decision, is recommended. That is a proven way to build trust. When you get your readers engaged through your content, you can convince them to act, improving sales conversion and revenue.

5. Mobile Marketing

Developing an effective mobile marketing strategy is essential. Retail Dive says that 45 percent of shopping involved the use of mobile phones. That is simply an indication that most of your potential buyers are on mobile phones. 

Mobile Marketing

With IoT devices still on the rise, you can expect that number to grow in the future.

Make your content, images, and emails responsive across all mobile devices. Ensure that users can view them through smartphones and minimize the use of pop-ups that block the content, which can also be a major drawback.

6. Email Marketing

You can improve your email marketing campaign by using the following strategy:

Sense of urgency: Let your customer know that the demand for the product is high. This will encourage them to place an order before the stock runs out.

Personalize: Make your tone warm and more personal by mentioning the customer's name in the email.

Preference: Give your users control over the subscriptions, including how often they want to receive emails from you. Some prefer a weekly basis.

Email Marketing

Study shows that consumers spend 138 percent more on shopping with email marketing. It is no surprise that it increases ROI by 400 percent.

Indeed, digital technology is taking over today. Businesses should adjust to the course it takes to remain on top of the trend.

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6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business
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